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In the late 19th century, there was a movement away from the ecclesiastical art styles that had dominated for many years. Instead, many artists, architects and creatives became interested in more organic shapes and colour palettes, looking to nature for inspiration. As this style took hold it became known as Art Nouveau. If you have never considered buying heritage art nouveau furniture for your home and have always bought your items new from your high street retailer, why not take this opportunity to explore Vinterior and see what a design from the turn of the 20th century could do for your home.

Art Nouveau style and use in furniture

As Art nouveau swept across the art world, furniture designers were quick to pick up on this new trend and began shaping pieces that would go on to be considered forerunners of the modernist items we know and love today. Some of the most famous examples of furniture in this style are probably the chairs that were produced during this period. Out went the straight laced lines and simple designs of the 1800s, and in came graceful curves, extravagant detailing and more flamboyancy in the design process.

An emphasis on linear contours took precedence over colour with browns, yellows, greens and other natural shades coming to the fore to replace the more vibrant colours that were previously prominent. This new design ethos was not limited to chairs though as the Art Nouveau movement became intertwined with all aspects of the furniture making process.

Art Nouveau Side Tables, Sideboards, Bookcases, Chandeliers and more at Vinterior

If you enjoy the style, you will be able to find sideboards, side tables, bookcases, chandeliers and more right here at Vinterior. It is the perfect style to help you bring a feature piece into your home, and you can almost guarantee that whichever item you choose will become a talking point in no time at all.

Guide to buying Art Nouveau furniture

While elements of Art Nouveau are still popular today, finding a piece that has real authenticity means investing in an antique piece from the turn of the century. Buying antique furniture has benefits for many reasons, but the character of each piece is the main draw. Each furniture piece you buy will come with decades of love, use and stories and it is very rare that you will have a chance to bring this into your home.

Buying a heritage item of furniture also gives you a chance to make your home a more sustainable and environmentally conscious place. By rehoming and repurposing a piece of furniture from the past, you are helping to save on the energy and resources required to manufacture new products.

Art Nouveau Furniture New In at Vinterior

Every single day hundreds of new items go live on the Vinterior website, so you are bound to find something you love! Of the hundreds of new items available, a good number of them are designed in the Art Nouveau style, so if you have decided that this is the look for you, our collection is right here at your fingertips.

Shopping is often a tough and time consuming task, but fortunately for you that is not the case at Vinterior. We have done the hard work for you and curated a collection of stunning heritage furniture items from more than a thousand sellers across the UK. It doesn’t matter whether you are at the research stage or whether you are ready to buy, you can do everything in one place at Vinterior!

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