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Vintage Chaises Longues

Vintage chaise longues chairs may transport you into the paintings of reclining ancient Romans tucking into a lavish dinner and a glass of red wine. More than 1500 years later, we may not want to enjoy dinner vertically, but we sure love the elegance and luxury of a chaise longue. Add an element of glamour to any space with one of our alluring vintage chaises longues.

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Timeless elegance with vintage chaises longues

Chaises longues are long couches featuring armrests on one side of the sofa. They’re designed to be laid upon with the armrest working as support or headrest for when you fancy stretching out.

This luxurious lounging style has been around since the ancient Egyptians, but the Greeks and Romans were also huge fans of the reclining chair. They’re excellent for lazing around while watching TV or reading a book. They’re also very versatile and work well as a guest bed too.

Fashion statement vintage chaises longues are comfortable and extravagant alternatives to traditional sofas and armchairs. You’ll love the ease of the pieces’ long arching backs and raised platforms for your legs and feet. Comfort has never been so stylish.

Vintage chaises longues work well in most rooms in the home, from the living room to the bedroom to the library. After all, who knows when you’ll need your next impromptu snooze?

Vintage chaise longues in a variety of styles

Here at Vinterior, we have an array of gorgeous vintage chaise longues in a myriad of colours, styles, and fabrics to choose from. Picture yourself relaxing in a corner on an Instagram-worthy vintage chaise longue, taking a nap, reading a novel, or watching your favourite film. Does downtime get any better?

One of the most popular styles from our vintage chaise longues collection is our velvet pieces. Vintage velvet chaise longues ooze glamour and sophistication and look fabulous in any room. Place one in your bedroom for added elegance, or set one in the living room for prime time sprawling.

If you have a large bathroom, a vintage velvet chaise longue offers ultimate decadence. Visitors are sure to be impressed. We suggest placing a beautiful vintage floor mirror next to a velvet chaise longue to amp up the allure even further.

For something more classic, we have plenty of vintage chaise longues dating back to the 19th century featuring wooden features to radiate refinement and importance. These more serious pieces fit excellently in rooms such as libraries or home offices where people typically work for long periods.

While we have many styles, options, and colours in our vintage chaises longues collection, finding your dream piece is easy. Simply head to our easy to use search box and adjust the filters to your tastes. Search through items using various filters, from periods, designers, price points, and even country of origin.