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Floor lamps are a fantastic lighting option. Not only are they portable, allowing you to customise your space and change things around as often as you feel like it, but they are also a wonderful way to express your taste and personality. Art Deco floor lamps are a great choice for those who want a little vintage or retro glamour for their living space, study, bedroom or hallway. Art Deco was born in France in the 1920s, and marked a shift away from classic furniture styles that featured ornate shapes and intricately carved designs. Art Deco embodied the crisp lines and symmetrical shapes associated with a new dawn of industrialisation and an optimism for the future. If you would like to incorporate the bold beauty of Art Deco into your home, find beautiful authentic and reproduced Art Deco floor lamps right here at at Vinterior.

The Charm of the Art Deco Floor Lamp

Bring a distinct elegance and character to your contemporary space, and add a touch of 20th Century style to a traditional room with an Art Deco floor lamp.

Floor lamps are a practical and stylish lighting solution. Place your favourite floor lamp next to an armchair or sofa to instantly create a cosy reading space. Floor lamps also provide that perfect level of soft lighting which makes a room warmer and more inviting. Add a touch of character to a neutral room with a statement floor lamp, or add more light to a specific area of a room to balance out natural light from windows.

The typical features of an Art Deco floor lamp include geometric shapes – such as zigzags, rectangles and chevrons – creating elegant and symmetrical pieces that were calming to the eye, yet regimented and orderly. Homogenous and regular but still rich in detail, these pieces were in stark contrast to the ornate, complex shapes and detailing that had dominated the luxury furniture market in previous decades.

Art Deco lamps generally feature lightweight, minimalist designs. Elegant and easy to move around, these lights make fabulous additions to living spaces, hallways or bedrooms. Opt for a chic and lustrous lacquered wood lamp with authentic frosted glass shade for a sophisticated addition to your study. Or bring a touch of Gatsby-esque glamour to your living room by choosing a highly polished nickel-finished number and lacquered wood detail.

For an authentic Art Deco look, choose lamps with multiple highly treated surfaces and textures: leather and polished wood inlays, high sheen metallics, chrome details, stained and blown glass are all characteristic of this sumptuous style of art.

Art Deco floor lamps: reasons to buy vintage furniture

Vintage furniture, such as Art Deco floor lamps, adds an unrivalled quality to your home that no modern pieces can quite replicate. Character and heritage make for wonderfully eye-catching statement pieces that will captivate your guests and be great conversation starters.

As many vintage enthusiasts will likely tell you, the quality and durability of vintage furniture is almost always better than its modern counterparts. Built to last and made using high quality materials such as solid walnut, oak, brass, aluminium, lather and crystal, items from the Art Deco period look as pristine and chic today as the day they were made.

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