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SPRING SALE up to 50% off 65,000+ products

Floor Lamps

Art Deco Floor Lamps

Think flapper girls, champagne-fuelled Gatsby-esque parties, and stunning geometrical symmetry. Art deco floor lamps exude glamour and effortless style. From art deco brass floor lamps with metallic inflections to stunning 1930s Italian uplighters, there’s sure to be something in our collection to illuminate your home just the way you want to.The bright and glitzy style of an art deco standing lamp is waiting to be discovered here at Vinterior. Easily bring a touch of your favourite style into a space that channels inspiration from avant-garde traditions. Eager for an art deco-style floor lamp to bring a warm golden hue to your dining room? It’s here. In need of a vintage Mole Richardson movie spotlight to bring your reading nook into searing focus? You’ve got it. Do you yearn for the traditional tasselled fringes of the 1940s? There are hundreds to choose from in our edit.Shop sustainably and choose character over sameness. Connect with a trusted seller today and unearth your dream art deco floor lamp.

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The style behind the art deco standing lamp

Optimistic. Luxurious. Opulent. Art deco style originated in France in the 1920s. It saw a major shift in the furniture styles of the time. Pulling inspiration from movements like cubism, futurism, and fauvism, art deco blended element designs and materials. It’s an extremely visual style that adds a sense of glamour to any home. Art deco-style floor lamps brighten up your living space with flair. You’ll find plenty of geometric patterns, clean lines, and rich, glittering colours. Inspiring a new hope for the future, art deco leans into symmetry and patterns. Our selection of art deco floor lamps comes from a community of over 2,000 small local businesses and boutiques. New items are added every day, and you’ll find a wide range of pieces from the 1920s and 30s.

Common features of art deco floor lamps include geometric shapes like chevrons and rectangles. These work to present a distinct and well-ordered look. Art deco brass floor lamps exude simple elegance and, coupled with fringed shades can bring period charm to any space. With a heritage behind the style that pulls from so many different places, including the Bauhaus school, it’s easy to see why art deco is making a big, loud and glamorous comeback. Popularity initially tapered off after World War II, but saw a comeback in the 1960s.

Finish your space with an art deco floor lamp

Banish the dark. Bring soft illumination and glitzy colours into your living space by adding an art deco standing lamp. Give it a permanent home, or move your lamp around for extra light wherever it’s needed. Caught the art deco bug? No matter your space, there’s gorgeous art deco furniture or home decor for you. Add a glorious art deco desk to your home office. Or create a cosy reading nook with one of our art deco armchairs. Want to round out your entertainment space? Place an art deco standing lamp next to a drinks cabinet to help light up the full look. Boardwalk Empire style. Ready to get started? You can search our entire collection of art deco furniture at Vinterior.

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