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Vintage Chest of Drawers

Essential doesn’t need to mean boring. And neither does functional. Browse our collection of vintage chests of drawers and find one to match your personality and home. Looking for rich, deep woods? Or a lighter, more modern style? We have you covered.

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Stylish vintage chests of drawers

Vintage chests of drawers take you back in time. Each comes with its own fascinating history. And a sense of the style from days long gone.

Styling out a home full of funky retro furniture? We have something for you. Prefer the opulence and glamour of art deco furniture? We have you covered too. Or perhaps understated Scandinavian modern is more your bag? You guessed it. We have those too.

Choose from hundreds of vintage chests of drawers and find the perfect piece for your home. Plus, enjoy the feeling that goes with saving precious pieces from landfill and supporting small local businesses while you’re at it.

Styling your vintage chest of drawers

For a long time vintage chests of drawers were banished to the bedroom. But that doesn’t need to be the case. Got extra space in your hallway? An alcove in your dining room? Or need more storage in the kitchen? Choose one of our vintage chests of drawers and find something for every room.

Vintage chests of drawers work well in the dining room. They can add extra storage and a handy place to display your favourite vintage glassware or bakeware.

When it comes to the kitchen, a tall vintage chest of drawers fits right in. Move over sideboards! Hide away the items you don’t want people to see. And enjoy materials that were built to last in our collection.

Have a spare alcove in the sitting room and not sure how to fill it? You can search our selection of vintage chests of drawers by size, number of drawers and so much more by simply using our handy filter.

Created yourself a gorgeous home office? Live your best work from home life with a vintage chest of drawers to hide away unsightly stationery, filing and other bits and bobs. Top your chest with a stylish table lamp for those long nights or darker days.

Last but not least, the bedroom. Our vintage drawers are also the perfect place to store all your clothes and other necessities in your bedroom. Match the materials and styles in your dressing table, wardrobe and bed for a cohesive look.

Where to buy vintage chests of drawers UK?

Wondering where to buy that all important vintage chest of drawers in the UK? We have you covered. Our collection features a variety of styles and options, all sourced from our lovely community of small local businesses and boutiques. Hooked on vintage? Browse our full selection of vintage furniture and find thousands of beautiful pieces.