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Wall sculptures have the same characteristics as wall paintings in terms of hanging and the use of space, but add a three-dimensional aspect to the walls. Made with various kinds of materials, wall sculptures decorate the wall they're hung on as well as fill the space and help to give a certain density to interior decor. Capable of covering a large surface without being overbearing, wall sculptures can help bring life to a room. From metal wall sculptures to brass or a feathered juju hat for an explosion of colour and texture, Vinterior offers a wide selection of wall sculptures.

Wall sculptures are simple yet striking

Wall sculpture is the perfect way to lend eye-catching style throughout your home without overpowering the overall aesthetic of the room. Strategically placed wall sculpture designs can make space feel cosier and can even tie together different themes. You can place vintage wall sculptures near a wall light or wall sconce for a striking focal point, or hang large wall sculptures over a sofa or accent cabinets to complement your existing décor. Love neutral hues but long for a pop of colour? Hang a series of multicoloured vintage plates for a bright and cheery accent. Want to fill a bare space on the wall without making the room look cluttered? Try shelved designs for the extra organization instead.

Wall sculptures add character and depth

Wall sculptures pull any space together while infusing your home with thought-provoking style. Hang these sculptures in your living room, bedroom or even kitchen to add character and depth as well as visual interest via colour and texture, or incorporate them in your dining room for easy conversation starters with guests. Whether you’re searching for decorative pieces or functional accents, vintage wall sculptures are a wonderful way to enhance your home's overall look and feel.

Where to buy vintage wall sculptures?

Vinterior has an extensive collection of wall sculptures to choose from. Do you love earthy décor? Browse our rustic hand-crafted designs made with wood, metal, bronze, glass, fibreglass or try nature-inspired pieces featuring flowers, birds and leaves. Searching for bold statement pieces? Hang an oversized windmill in the living room or a lodge friendly deer head in your home office. From metal wall sculptures in your favourite finishes to wood wall sculptures brimming with natural beauty and in-between, we have countless styles to explore and choose from. Browse our inventory to find the pieces you will love for years to come.