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Vintage Traditional Rugs

Warmth. Colour. Texture. Traditional rugs can transform any room, changing the look and mood in an instant. Love a vintage, antique feel? Opt for a traditional Afghan rug to add richness and pattern to your interiors. Prefer bold colours and prints? Choose a mid century design to add a modernist touch to your home.

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Traditional rugs UK

Give your living space an instant makeover by adding traditional rugs to each room. Our collection includes an incredible selection of vintage Turkish, Persian, Moroccan and Oriental rugs, which will add a touch of style, colour and comfort to any space.

If you prefer a more modern feel, we also have Scandinavian designs, classic mid century geometric patterns and contemporary rugs to choose from.

If you don’t have a large budget for new flooring, adding rugs can transform a room without breaking the bank. Dark hardwood floors have a sophisticated feel but can drain the light from a space, especially in areas without windows, such as hallways. Traditional rugs with bright patterns or light tones are a quick and easy way to brighten up a space.

Have a room that currently feels like it’s missing something? A rug can instantly add a splash of colour and interest. From collectable names to one off gems, we have something to suit every budget, as well as every style and colour scheme.

Beautiful and practical

Does your room feel like something’s missing? The perfect rug can tie a room together through careful choice of colours and patterns. Echoing the colours of a piece of wall art in a rug brings harmony and balance to a space without changing the rest of the décor.

Traditional rugs have practical benefits too. They bring warmth and cosiness to rooms with wood floors. A rug can also hide imperfections in old or damaged floors, making the room look as good as new without costing a fortune.

Worried about damaging your new wooden floor? Place rugs beneath your furniture to offer protection while adding style and colour. Traditional rugs also help to reduce echo and deaden noise which can be caused by hardwood flooring, improving acoustics and conversational atmosphere.

Zoning a room using traditional rugs

If you have an open plan living space it’s important to be able to zone it into areas for different moods and activities. The best way to do this is with rugs. If you’re designing the perfect modernist living space, work out how much space you need for your mid century sofa and Ercol chairs, then choose a rug that matches the style and sits fully under all of the furniture. Hey presto! A perfectly zoned living area.

With Vinterior you can search thousands of traditional rugs in seconds. Tailor your search by origin, period, style and colour to find the perfect rug for your space.