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Vintage Dining Tables

A vintage dining table is not only a functional piece of furniture. It can also transform a bland kitchen or dining room into a warm and characterful space. Whether you’re looking for a grand pedestal-base table for formal occasions or a vintage extendable dining table for a compact kitchen, Vinterior has you covered.

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  • What types of vintage dining table are there?

    There’s no shortage of choice when it comes to vintage dining tables. Strictly speaking, the term ‘vintage’ refers to products that are over 20 years old but less than 100 years old. That means that any dining table manufactured between 1920 and the turn of the century could be considered ‘vintage’.

    When choosing a vintage dining table, the most important things to consider are the size and the material. Short on space? A vintage extendable dining table or a drop-leaf model is a practical and versatile choice. Enjoy hosting dinner parties with friends and family? Consider a trestle table paired with a vintage bench to maximise the number of guests you can seat.

    Wood is the most popular choice for vintage dining tables. Not only is it timeless and durable but it blends seamlessly with most décor styles. Just remember that it does require protection and maintenance, particularly if you opt for a hardwood like teak or oak. One alternative is a glass-topped vintage dining table that looks sleeks and is easily wiped clean. Marble is another option but can stain from spills if they aren’t immediately blotted.

  • Restoring wooden vintage dining tables

    Most of our vintage dining tables are in pristine condition. But there are a few gorgeous pieces which may need a bit of love. Layers of dirt and grime can build up on wood over time, dulling its sheen and unique patina. To restore your vintage dining table, start by ascertaining what type of finish has been used (lacquer, shellac, varnish or wax). You can always contact your Vinterior seller if you’re unsure.

    Use the appropriate stripper or cleaner to remove the old coating, then wipe away any residue with cotton rags. After letting the wood rest for 24 hours, use fine sandpaper to smooth the surface, always working in the direction of the grain. Ensure the table is free of sawdust before applying a new coat of stain, wiping away the excess with a cloth to prevent drips. Finally, apply several coats of finishing oil to your vintage dining table. Make sure you leave five hours between each application.

    Styling vintage dining tables

    The vast collection of vintage dining tables available on the Vinterior website makes it easy to choose your perfect piece. For an on-trend look, pair a mid century table with a variety of mismatched vintage dining chairs or industrial-style stools. For more of a country vibe, a chunky dining table with turned legs and a waxed top is both practical and timeless. You can also take a look at Vinterior’s range of ceramic crockery to find a set to match your dining room.