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Vintage Desks

A vintage desk can spiff up any home office or working quarters nicely. Our collection of beautiful vintage desks is vast. We’ve got everything from writing desks, secretary desks, and roll-top desks featuring the likes of doors, pockets, pigeonholes, and other nooks and crannies to keep your working space neat and tidy.

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Vintage office desks

A vintage office desk can add old school charm to a modern world. If you’re dreaming of reinventing your dull at-home workspace into a more inspiring environment, consider investing in a proper vintage desk.

We have a variety of vintage desks in our collection to add some flair to any office, working space, or living room.

Vintage writing desks

Small enough to be popped almost anywhere, a vintage writing desk is really nothing more than a table featuring a single undercarriage drawer for storing the slenderest of writing instruments. But don’t worry, there’s still a near custom-sized space to fit your trusty laptop.

Vintage writing desks come in all shapes, styles, and colours. Pieces that are curvy and cabriole-legged from our collection are particularly popular.

Most vintage writing desks are table-height, making it more challenging to disguise them than roll-top or secretary desks. If you’re hoping to add a vintage desk of this style into a shared common space, consider a compact piece that can work as a console or bar when not in use. Lose the office chair when you’re not hard at work and hang a pretty tassel from a drawer handle to enhance the décor.

A vintage writing desk also looks fabulous in replacing a traditional nightstand or bedside table. If you choose a small vintage desk, the classic proportions won’t be out of whack.

Vintage secretary desks

If you want to add a vintage desk to a recreational area like a living room, why not consider a piece designed for that exact purpose? The vintage secretary desk is pretty much a hybrid between a cabinet and a desk. It was originally created for male estate secretaries who would have worked out of their bosses’ living rooms.

Vintage secretary desks feature a unique drop-leaf design that sits between a stack of lower drawers and upper cabinetry. The leaf can fold out to transform the piece into a proper desk during the day. Then, it can be folded up again at night, becoming more discreet.

Place one of these distinct pieces into a living room, bedroom, or hallway, and it easily disguises as a bookshelf, media cabinet, or bar. Intriguing!

When monitors and modems ran mammoth in size, the secretary desk was no longer wanted. But the introduction of sleek and lightweight laptops has brought them back into popularity. With ample space to house all of today’s modern technology, maybe the vintage secretary desk is a welcome feature of modern living after all.