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Vintage Garden Tables

Vintage garden tables are a wonderful addition to any garden. They provide space to wine and dine with friends. Or spend time with family during balmy summer evenings. They also give you the opportunity to enjoy a mouth watering home cooked meal al fresco. Whatever your tastes and garden style, we have a vintage garden table to suit you.

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Vintage cast iron garden tables

Our cast iron vintage garden tables are the most popular choice from our outdoor table collection. After all, cast iron garden tables not only look stylish in the garden. The material can also withstand all types of British weather. Whether the sun is beaming down hot and bright or there’s a dramatic, thunderstorm, your cast iron piece is sure to hold up well. And because it’s vintage, you know it can stand the test of time.

Cast iron of one of the oldest ferrous metals, traditionally used in construction and outdoor or exterior furniture. Its composition is mainly iron, carbon, and silicon, keeping it sturdy and hard working. Here at Vinterior, we have a vast selection of vintage cast iron garden tables available. Add a dose of sophistication and class to your outdoor area.

Choose from contemporary oval-shaped garden tables, and more weathered-looking, antique styles too. Every piece has its own unique story to tell.

Consider matching your cast iron vintage garden table with complementary garden chairs or stools for a streamlined and cohesive look.

Vintage garden tables in all styles

Unrivalled in design and originality, our range of vintage garden tables offers something to suit every setting and style. From the traditional to the modern and contemporary, our vintage garden tables are delightful in detail. Bring a unique sense of style to your home or a homely business space.

Our beautiful vintage collection allows you to sit back and relish the beauty of your garden. From bistro-style pieces dating back to the 1920s to white ornate, shabby-chic tables, there’s something for every outdoor space.

If you have something specific in mind, searching for your dream vintage garden table is easy. Adjust our handy filters according to your tastes. You can narrow down the style, materials, colours, and more.

To complete your garden, don’t forget to check out our other outdoor vintage pieces available too. We have everything from garden dining chairs, benches, outdoor sofas, and so much more.

Kit out your garden area with pieces from our garden furniture collection, and you may never want to leave your garden again.