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Garden decor, what does it mean? Do sad-looking vegetables and a tree in your garden suffice?

Garden decor for your home

In a period where people are embracing the exterior of their home, and where we are often glued to the screens of our devices, garden decor is a fun and fulfilling way to ensure that your garden is interactive and stimulating.
This ensures that your garden is not restricted to the limited hours of sun exposure, and that you can optimise the usage of your garden for social events with friends and family. It will likely make your nosey neighbours more envious too, which is a bonus.
For your home, it can range from lighting and tables to sculptures or grilling equipment.
Let’s take a look at the origin of garden decor and explore what Vinterior has to offer.

Origin of garden decor

Garden decor has existed as early as the Ancient Roman period. This was found especially in the excavations of Pompeii. It peaked again in Europe during the Renaissance period in France and Italy, where high art and kitsch interpretations were in their prime. The English took it a step further, adding hermitages and temples to make a statement on status and to allocate an outdoor space for leisure.
What about outside Europe? Let’s not forget in China, Japan and Korea, rock gardens have timelessly been constructed for symbolic meaning. Their intimate gardens were often created by scholars, poets, government officials or soldiers for reflection and escape from the outside world. It was an idealised setting to promote harmony that should exist between man and nature.

Most popular types and common types of garden decor, find your style

Outdoor Rugs

Often underlooked (no pun intended), outdoor rugs are a great asset to any garden as they provide comfort and protection for your visiting guests. Many outdoor rugs are constructed in a durable, hard-wearing medium to ensure they are weather-proof.


It is easy to find stone or metal sculptures, often of animals or famous figures, which can animate your garden. Let’s not forget the most classic decor of them all, the garden gnome, allegedly created to fend off evil spirits.


Oozing with character, this is the literal cherry on top to your home, regardless of location. This provides some movement to your garden and brings it to life.

Garden Pots

Great for adding storage to your garden, pots can provide structure to your flowers but also a classical style.