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Vintage Pendant Lighting

Vintage pendant lighting fixtures are considered by many as one of the more stylish types of lighting. Hanging light fixtures work well in most rooms of the house, but especially in kitchens above a kitchen island or in dining rooms hanging overhead the dinner table. We have a huge collection of vintage pendant lighting of many styles, sizes, and designs, so take a look and see which fixture suits you and your home.

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Vintage hanging lights

Vintage hanging lights can fall into a range of styles. Here at Vinterior, it’s our job to hand-pick a vast selection of options so that you can find fixtures you’ll love for your home. After all, no two homes are the same, and you need to discover the right pieces to complement your space.

We carefully curate pendant lighting that falls into various styles. You can choose a more modern and artistic pendant lamp in your kitchen that portrays that feel. Or, if you have a rustic-style kitchen, you may prefer to invest in pendant lights with a brass finish to suit the room better. Whatever your tastes, we’re sure to have a selection of beautiful hanging lights to suit your home.

Vintage glass pendant lights

Glass pendant fixtures are a popular option from our collection of vintage pendant lighting. Glass pendant lighting not only provides enough light to enjoy the room, but adds an attractive, decorative feel. Our vintage glass pendants work well in both the kitchen or living room. And if you own a pool table, a hanging glass pendant lamp works well above the table.

Crystal pendant lighting, in particular, casts a beautiful pattern of light and shadow onto the space in which you install it. A dazzling crystal pendant can introduce glamour and sparkle to any kitchen, dining room, or hallway. Vintage ceiling lights for the kitchen also often come in the form of multi-light pendants that dangle from the ceiling and cast light across your kitchen island.

Finding the perfect pendant lights to suit your tastes is easy. Once you’ve found your perfect piece, pair it with our other collections, including wall lights, table lamps and floor lamps. Can’t quite find what you’re looking for? Browse our full collection of vintage lighting.