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1970s Sideboards

Groovy. Colourful. Bold. 1970s sideboards are back and it’s all here at Vinterior. You’ll find the bold colours and geometric shapes of the late 70s, the earthy avocado and browns of the early 70s and plenty in between. Style your 70s sideboard with bright rugs and fabrics, or allow it to take centre stage in a more modern room.

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  • What is 1970s style furniture?

    1970s style furniture can be split into two halves. The first half of the decade led on from the hippie movement of the 1960s. It’s characterised by its earthy hues and chunky furniture. The second half of the decade can almost be seen as a lead up to 1980s furniture style. Think bright colours and big, bold geometric patterns. And 1970s sideboards are no different.

    Allow your 1970s sideboard to make a statement. It’s a staple of the retro furniture style, blending form and functionality to create something unique. They’re usually long, low and have smooth, tapered legs. 70s sideboard legs can also be made from metal to create a more industrial vibe.

    70s sideboard wood tends to be pale and smooth, using the natural grain as a pattern. Or you’ll find many painted in bright colours like blues and oranges.

  • Styling your 70s sideboard

    For the ultimate in 70s chic, style your sideboard as a drinks cabinet. Pair it with vintage trays, glasses and vases to complete the look.

    If you prefer a more industrial style to your home, why not leave your 70s sideboard bare? It can be combined with a retro table lamp or some of your favourite works of art to stop it looking too sparse.

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  • Where to buy 1970s sideboards?

    The best place to buy 1970s sideboards is online. Gone are the days of searching through antique shops and small local boutiques to find the 1970s sideboard that’s perfect for you. Now, you can simply refine your search by style, material, size and more to find that ideal 70s sideboard. Plus, when you shop with Vinterior you’re also supporting our community of over 1,800 small local businesses who live and breathe vintage, antique and retro furniture.

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