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Vintage Jugs, Jars and Tins

Here at Vinterior, we offer a wide variety of vintage jugs, jars, and tins. A vintage jug makes a beautiful accessory in all areas of the home, especially in your kitchen or dining room. We have many styles and designs available; from delicate porcelain jugs to small stoneware jars.

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Vintage glass jars

Vintage glass jars are versatile objects which work wonderfully for a range of purposes, including gift-giving, serving drinks, canning, and more. If you make your own syrups, jams, jellies, and pickles, then packaging these treats in beautiful glass jars from our vintage jug collection can make an excellent gift.

Glass is non-porous and impermeable, so there are no interactions between the packaging and what you store inside. This means the taste and flavour of your food and drinks remains intact. Glass jars are an efficient and safe way to package foods and perishable products.

Vintage glass jars also work wonderfully as pretty vases for small bunches or bouquets of flowers. Or why not fill a vintage mason jar with your favourite fruity cocktail and impress your friends when they next come over for happy hour?

Vintage tins

Vintage tins are ideal for storing smaller items in the home. Our retro storage tins come in various colours, styles, patterns, and designs to suit your tastes and home. They’re also available in a selection of shapes and sizes, so you can find the perfect vintage tin to hold your favourite items.

From 19th-century intricately designed tea tins to chunky art nouveau decorative tins, here at Vinterior, we have a vast selection of carefully curated pieces from independent small businesses. Store your favourite items in style and get creative by investing in one of our retro tins from our vintage jug and jar collection.

Vintage biscuit tin

Biscuit tins are more than just containers for our much-loved sweet treats. Manufacturers typically aim to create pieces that can be enjoyed beyond the lifespan of the baked goods themselves. In the past, a whole range of fine art objects were designed and sold as biscuit tins. Today, these vintage pieces make excellent decorations within the home.

A decorated, vintage biscuit tin is a must for biscuit lovers and snackers. Like glass jars, biscuit tins work well for packaging gifts, especially homemade baked goods. Whatever you use your vintage biscuit tin for, we have a wide selection of various styles, designs, and shapes. From oval pieces featuring floral designs to dramatic silver biscuit barrels, you’re sure to discover a style that you love.