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G Plan Furniture

Since the 1950s, G Plan furniture has been reshaping British interiors with its exceptional mid-century designs and carved wood contemporary lines and finishes. One of the U.K.'s largest furniture brands, the G Plan furniture catalogue offers a wealth of teak-fuelled furniture marvels, specialising in creating custom designs to suit each individual.

The British furniture brand, G Plan, began pioneering an alternative range of furniture in 1953. However, the heritage of G Plan furniture goes back much further. In 1898, Ebenezer Gomme set up a small artisan woodworking studio in High Wycombe. Within a decade, this small workshop had morphed into a large factory that became renowned for its high-quality sideboards, tables, and seating. Unique pieces of social history, G Plan produced utilitarian furniture throughout World War II and broke the mould with more modernist furniture in the 1950s and 1960s. It’s these pieces that grace the covers of glossy interiors magazines and Instagram feeds in the 21st century.

Fast forward to today and G Plan is the stalwart name associated with the finest honey-hued mid-century furniture. But cabinetry wasn’t G Plan’s only forte. Led by the Gomme family until 1987, G Plan has devoted the last eight decades to perfecting the art of sofa making, and anyone lucky enough to sit on one of these sofas knows that's precisely what they crafted; quality materials, delicate fabrics, and an enduring quality crafted into supremely comfortable and stylish cushions.

G Plan was and still is a forward-thinking furnituremaker that has transcended the eras. And at Vinterior, you have your pick of hundreds of vintage dressing tables, bookcases, wall units, coffee tables, sofas, and sideboards. Each preowned piece of G Plan is hand-picked by our vintage experts for its authenticity and charm. Make your home characterful and unique, and unearth your dream vintage G Plan furniture from our collection today.

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G Plan furniture for sale at Vinterior

Do you crave comfort? Do you need durable, high-quality furniture for your home? Or do you yearn for style? Our G Plan furniture collection has you covered for it all. This British furniture brand specialises in sofas and chairs. Still, they also handcrafted and produced a wide variety of furniture, such as dining tables, coffee tables, bookcases, chests of drawers, side tables, shelves, desks, cupboards, and much more. Our community of over 1,800 boutiques and independent sellers stocks hundreds of pieces that are waiting to be rediscovered and enjoyed. Every piece of G Plan furniture looks stunning with a simple, practical design and a flawless finish. Using solid wood such as teak, oak, rosewood, or walnut, there’s not a piece of MDF or inferior composite wood in sight.

Does G Plan furniture still exist?

It absolutely does! And it's still going strong and being produced today. Vintage G-Plan furniture is famous for many products, one of the most prominent being the dining chair; it's changed through the decades but is typically consistent in using dark teak solid wood and a lightly padded seat. Victor Wilkins designed simple padded seating for the ultimate dining experience. With ladder backs and clean lines, the honey hues echo the mid-century vibe. If you fancy adding your own bespoke flourish, many of the dining chairs in our collection can be reupholstered, so there's a perfect setting for every dining room.

Need a suite to suit you? Are you looking for a 2-seater, 3-seater, or 4-seater? Or maybe you're tired of everyone stealing ''your spot''? Our preowned G Plan sofas and armchairs are designed to sit-back and sink-in. These sofa pioneers know a thing or two about combining comfort, style, and high-quality materials that last. There's something for every person and preference, from plump and lush cloud-like cushions to firm and supportive cushions. Our sofa collection from this renowned British brand has a variety of different fabrics, materials, and styles to suit your needs and your existing living room style, plus they pair perfectly with some of our upcycled furniture.

And have you thought about the humble coffee table? The G Plan round Astro is iconic and oozes space-age appeal. Or venture to Scandinavia with G Plan’s Kofod Larsen teak coffee table. Taking inspiration from Danish modernist furniture design, G Plan epitomised the antithesis of tradition, allowing younger people in the 1960s to opt for something different in their homes.

Styling your G Plan furniture

Why not combine a piece from this collection with another mid-century modern coffee table or cupboard design? Keeping your home clean is essential, and our collection of vintage sideboards comes with ample amounts of storage space. Some of our stunning sideboards have up to eight doors, five drawers and come with several shelves. Whether you choose a sideboard made from strong and durable teak wood, or one made from mahogany or rosewood, there are many ways to style it. Try adding some decor, a G Plan side table and vintage picture frame accessories to the top of your sideboard, or if your sideboard is in a smaller room, why not place a bold art-deco mirror above it to reflect natural light and create the illusion of space? Adding mirrors to smaller spaces can help make them feel bigger and lighter, especially if you use a bold and bright art deco mirror.

With our extensive range of G Plan furniture, you can create a sublime and sophisticated interior that pays homage to the mid-century. Go all out vintage, add a sprinkling of 1960s chic, or dip your toe in the G Plan waters for the first time. Vinterior’s here to help you unearth your perfect piece.

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