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Vintage Workbenches

For anybody who is familiar with DIY and is no stranger to getting their hands dirty around the home, a workbench is a key item of furniture to help facilitate many tasks. However with changing designs and the rise in popularity of shabby chic, vintage workbenches are now finding their way into other rooms of the home, from studies and kitchens to living areas and bedrooms. Vintage workbenches from the 20th century come in an amazing array of shapes and sizes, and many have been upcycled to create eye-catching pieces of home furniture, from tables and desks to kitchen islands and stools. Explore our collection of vintage workbenches today and find beautiful vintage workbenches for your home.

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The rise of vintage workbenches

During Roman times, workbenches were low and close to the ground. Over time, they grew in height until they reached the height they are today. Over the intervening centuries, they also acquired a number of accessories.During the 1600s and 1700s, workbenches from France featured dogs and stops which held the workpiece in place. Meanwhile, in America and the UK during the same period, workbenches began to include vices, having been first featured on German benches during the Middle Ages.Of course, the defining feature of all workbenches is the quality and sturdiness of their construction. Whether a large bench or a small one; English or German, the same robustness is present in order to withstand the rigours of manual labour. While this is advantageous in practical terms for DIY tasks, it is also beneficial for you if you decide that a vintage workbench could enhance the look of an internal space in your home. A workbench transformed into a shabby chic coffee table or console table certainly won’t bow under the weight of your cups, glasses, magazines or vases. Made from a range of solid woods such as pine, elm and oak, vintage workbenches have been built to last. You may also find that some of the workbenches in our collection include other handy features such as small drawers, shelves and hooks.The style of a vintage workbench will vary depending on its original purpose. While some were constructed for use in schools, others were from garages, factories or workshops. They come in an array of colours and shapes, with some having been left in their original state and others upcycled into other pieces such as tables and desks for use inside the home.

Find vintage workbenches for sale with Vinterior

Whether you want to use a vintage workbench for sawing and planing wood, as a kitchen island or as a sideboard, you have come to the right place. Here at Vinterior we have an amazing selection of beautiful vintage workbenches for sale that are suitable for a wide range of purposes in your home. From lovingly restored and upcycled pieces that can be used as everyday furniture items to original pieces which will be just as at home in your garage or workshop today as the day it was made, we have an extensive collection, courtesy of our network of reputable sellers.Compared to mass-produced modern pieces, a vintage workbench also has a lot of character and unique style. Whether used in its original state or entirely repurposed into a practical yet stylish table, stool or desk, it will bring authenticity and personality into any room of your home. Browse our collection and get inspired now.

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