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Vintage Cabinets

Transform the look and feel of a living room, dining room or bedroom with a vintage cabinet which also gives practical storage where you need it. The beauty of a vintage cabinet is its history and uniqueness; you won’t find any mass produced, conveyor-belt cabinets here. Just timeless pieces from every era that ooze quality - be it a cocktail cabinet, vintage display cabinet or retro record player.

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Vintage cabinets you’ll love

A vintage cabinet is the perfect piece to bring a touch of nostalgia and a retro vibe to your home, while offering great storage for all sorts of bits and pieces. Wooden door-fronted cabinets can hide a multitude of sins while glass-fronted cabinets let you show off your most treasured possessions, from family photos to fine china. You can even create your own home bar in a show stopping vintage drinks cabinet or drinks globe. Many cabinets come with a multitude of drawers to house those little items.

Types of vintage cabinet

There’s a huge variety of vintage cabinets to enjoy. From large display cabinets to drawer-laden haberdashery shop displays, antique chinese cabinets and even vintage dentist cabinets. No matter what space you’re working with, you’re sure to find a vintage cabinet that fits the look and size of your room.

Our collection of vintage cabinets has something for every style of home. For rooms steeped in retro chic, think minimalist 1960s cabinets crafted from teak and other wood. Rooms with an antique flair can take more luxurious styles. Step back in time with turn-of-the-century French writing bureaus, opulent Oriental pieces and Gothic creations carved from solid walnut.

How to style a vintage cabinet

Many of our vintage cabinets are so striking they require little additional styling. But displaying a few carefully chosen accessories from the same time period can really enhance the look of a piece. Filled with pretty vintage glassware and a carefully curated spirits collection, a vintage drinks cabinet can become the focal point of any room, while a vintage display cabinet can be brought to life with accessories from the same era.


Where can I buy a vintage cabinet?

It used to be the case that to buy a vintage cabinet, you needed to visit an antique store or car boot sale, where you’d find unique cabinets, if you were lucky. Today, you can shop for vintage cabinets online and buy your perfect timeless piece at the click of a button. Our collection of vintage cabinets brings together the finest antique and retro storage cabinets from around the world, lovingly cared for and preserved so you can enjoy them in all their glory.