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Vintage Wardrobes

Too many dresses? Shoes? Shirts? Suits? We have you covered with our gorgeous selection of vintage wardrobes. Have a browse and you’ll find rich mahoganies that hail all the way from the 18th century. Prefer something more modern? Enjoy a vintage wardrobe with simple lines, light woods and a focus on function.

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Vintage wardrobes for every style

Although often overlooked, vintage wardrobes are a bedroom staple that can make or break your style. Their primary function is storage, but these beauties can liven up a room too.

Looking for the perfect vintage wardrobe to complete that mahogany chest of drawers? We have you covered. Just bought a feminine shabby chic bedframe and need a lighter colour or painted wood? We have some gorgeous white vintage wardrobes that perfectly suit the style. Or do you love the stories and glamour you can find in an art deco dressing table? We have those too.

Our selection of vintage wardrobes has been carefully curated by our expert team. We bring you the best from our community of over 1,800 small boutiques and local businesses. All you have to do is use our advanced search function to narrow down your options. Or browse the full collection for inspiration.

Styling your vintage wardrobe

Vintage wardrobes come in all shapes, size and materials. There are hundreds of ways to style these beauties. And here are a few tips.

A dark bedroom is ideal for light sleepers. But during the day it can feel on the oppressive side. Choose one of our vintage wardrobes with a mirror front and add a light, spacious feel to the room. Plus, check every outfit is perfect before you leave the house.

Have a specific space to fill? A vintage wardrobe can be a handy way to add storage to an alcove. You can narrow your search using our advanced filters and find the perfect size as well.

And vintage wardrobes aren’t just for the bedroom. You’ll find lots of upcycled wardrobes with missing doors which are perfect for display. Or find a piece that perfectly matches your vintage dining table and store all of your kitchenware and glassware ready for that next dinner party.

What is a vintage armoire?

Armoires are a type of vintage wardrobe. They tend to be ornate and are usually antique. They’re freestanding, with two doors and can be used just like a normal wardrobe. You’ll find plenty of gorgeous vintage armoires in our collection.

Whether you’re looking for vintage style wardrobes from a specific period or simply want to browse through our full collection, we have you covered. Save precious pieces from landfill and support our community of over 1,800 small local businesses at the same time. It’s a win for everyone!