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Spring is here and the air is growing warmer by the day. Which means it is just about time to throw open those back doors and head outside! To make the most of our outdoor spaces, it is worth thinking about how to furnish them. Before you head down the road to B&Q, why not consider a characterful vintage alternative?

Vintage outdoor seating for sale on Vinterior

Outdoor seating for sale on Vinterior has a number of lovely options. Rustic benches, trailing with ivy, or bloom filled vintage planters, iron wrought seats and Biergarten tables - there is something for every space regardless of size and style. Whether you’re a town dweller with a patio space or out in the countryside with a garden, our selection of vintage outdoor furniture will bring a note of nostalgic charm right to your back door.

Why choose vintage outdoor seating?

Why opt for vintage outdoor seating over new? Vintage and antique outdoor seating is steeped in character that will add textural reference to the visual abundance found in a summer garden. Natural materials like cane and rattan will blend beautifully among the flora and fauna. For a more weathered look, why not consider antique wrought-iron pieces - a timeless aesthetic which sits perfectly at home in any outdoor space.

Different ways to enjoy vintage outdoor seating

A set of pretty wrought-iron garden chairs will never look out of place dotted around a little table - perfect for sunny mornings sitting out with a coffee, or balmy evenings enjoyed over a glass of wine with a friend. In similar fashion, the classic ‘French’ garden bench, with its iron legs and wooden slats, remains a firm favourite. Position it among budding flower pots to create a soulful space to sit and enjoy the garden. Outdoor seating always looks more charming when a bit weathered, as if it belongs to a secret garden discovered by only you (and whoever is lucky enough to share it).
If you are drawn to a more industrial aesthetic, Vinterior features a collection of the iconic racing car green benches (and folding tables) found in German biergartens - a very original way to add outdoor seating! Plus, they score bonus points for the ease with which they can be folded and stored away for winter.

How to find vintage outdoor seating

Discerning good quality vintage outdoor seating from something that needs a refresh is not always easy. That’s where Vinterior comes in — we feature over one thousand trusted sellers of antique, vintage, reclaimed and bespoke furniture.
So, what are you waiting for? Get browsing our listings and find the perfect vintage outdoor seating for your garden today.