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Art Deco Console Tables

Looking for a glamorous accent piece for your home? Art deco console tables are for you. Jazz up your living room, hallway or entryway and make a statement as soon people enter your home.

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Art deco console tables

Art deco console tables are a versatile option. Dump your keys and other essentials as soon as you get in. Make it an accent piece that welcomes guests with flowers, your favourite vase or some gorgeous art. Or combine the two and blend form and function beautifully.

Art deco style is known for its opulence and dedication to bringing loud, glitzy designs into any space. Console tables are known for their functionality. They’re generally narrow and can fit storage into tight corners. Blend the two and you get art deco console tables that add beauty and somewhere for all those bits and bobs.

How to style your art deco console table

Art deco console tables come in a variety of styles and materials. You’ll find ornate metal detailing, intricately carved polished wood or cool smooth marble options in our collection. They’re known for their ability to add a splash of their own style to any corner of your home. Here are some handy tips when it comes to styling them.

Use them to show off your favourite things. Console tables generally sit in your hallway. So allow them to make an entrance. Add vintage accessories like plant pots, vintage signs and candle holders. Hang a chandelier above it. Or pop a lavish mirror on top.

Decorate your art deco console table below the eyeline. Add a splash of colour or a new texture with a vintage rug. Or add some extra storage with an antique box or chest.

The main thing to remember is that with art deco, more is more. Got the bug? Browse our full collection of art deco furniture.

Where to buy an art deco console table?

The best place to buy an art deco console table is online. Gone are the days spent in antiques shops and boutiques around the country. Now you can find everything you need on Vinterior. Simply use our handy filters to narrow down your search and find your perfect art deco console table.