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If you pride yourself on keeping up with the latest trends in home decor, you might need to add to your seating arrangements. Cocktail chairs are a great way to add comfort and style in the home. Whether you choose to add them to your lounge, dining room or study, a cocktail chair is the classic accessory that you shouldn’t overlook. Here at Vinterior we’ve got a magnificent array of vintage cocktail chairs & velvet cocktail chairs just waiting to be chosen. Browse through our online catalogue and you’ll find some great designs at an affordable price.

What are cocktail chairs?

If you’ve never heard of cocktail chairs, never fear! The chances are you’ve seen them without realising what they are called. Cocktail chairs first became truly popular in the mid-20th century, hitting their peak in the 1950s. If you imagine a glamorous host, handing out hors d’oeuvres and wheeling out a fondue set, you’ll get the general idea. Trendy and whimsical, the cocktail chair was attractive yet functional and very firmly part of 1950s style.

Over the years, the trend for cocktail chairs diminished somewhat but they have always had a place in homes trying to achieve a sense of hospitality. Deeply upholstered and comfortable, the cocktail chair is much more than a simple dining room seat but not as large or plush as an armchair. This makes it a fun and versatile addition. A space-saving design, it’s popular in rooms that are more compact, offering comfort without taking up unnecessary space. If you want to expand your seating and want a chair that fits in well with the rest of your decor, a cocktail chair could be the answer.

Styles of cocktail chair

Cocktail chairs are available in many different colours and sizes but overall, they tended to be significantly smaller than an armchair, with a splayed low back that stopped at shoulder level. The seat was heavily padded and the legs of the chair were visible and wooden; some styles also came with armrests but these weren’t common.

A pair of cocktail chairs work beautifully in any living space, complementing your suite for other decor. Arrange around an occasional table or even a trolley table for the ultimate in retro design. Cocktail chairs don’t just work in the lounge, they are ideal for use in many different rooms. In the hall, the more compact dimensions of cocktail chairs mean they can be positioned next to a hall table, while the velvet finish is perfect for the bedroom.

Some designs were extravagant, such as the ‘Heart Chair’ designed by Brøndbyøster Møbel in the 1950s for Trævarefabrik. Unusually shaped with lavish upholstery, it’s typical of the funky design that can be found. Simpler designs are available too, with big name brands such as Parker Knoll manufacturing cocktail chairs in their trademark clean style.

With everything from exuberant Art Deco to minimalist Danish Modern, there are cocktail chairs in an array of different styles.

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