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Sometimes the simplest addition to your home is the most effective. Choose a stunning table lamp from Vinterior and you can elevate a space from normal to stylish with ease. Whether you are looking for art deco table lamps, Victorian table lamps or something entirely new and quirky, you’ll find an endless array of styles and finishes here on our website. Browse our vintage lamps and new artisan lighting options to discover the perfect addition to your home.

Stylish new and vintage table lamps for your home

Light is one of the most powerful décor tools at your disposal. From the natural light that streams in through your kitchen window to the soft ambient lighting you choose for your sideboard, it is important to never underestimate how light can impact on mood and energy levels.

Choosing the right light colour is, of course, important. But you should also be conscious of how a table lamp looks in a space – whether it’s switched on or off. Effective vintage and contemporary lighting has the ability to make your room feel luxurious and inviting, dramatic or even relaxing. At Vinterior, you’ll find a huge selection of vintage table lamps and modern table lamps, each of which proves that even small home additions can have a huge impact.

Not only will you find more traditional designs, but also funky modernist pieces and mid century modern table lamps. Our collection also includes esteemed designers and brands like Pokrok Zilina and Helena Frantova.

Antique table lamps

Antique lamps are a great way to elevate the look of your home, creating a real sense of elegance and decadence. Unlike buying lamps from your typical high street retailer, antique lamps will help to make your social spaces look truly unique. Select the right table lamp and your soft lighting can suddenly draw the eye of your guests for all the right reasons.

Bedside table lamps to light up your bedroom

An attractive set of bedside lamps is absolutely essential in any well-designed bedroom space, and vintage bedside table lamps can bring the style as well as the light to your room. This is a fantastic opportunity to really reflect your own personality and style with your design choices.

Considering material, colour, shape and style is of great importance when selecting a table lamp. Even the most beautifully furnished bedroom can be made to look a little less polished by the addition of a cheap and generic table lamp with flimsy shade on top.

Take the time to explore the many interesting and unusual options on our website and you can be sure to find a unique bedside table lamp to brighten up your room.

Art deco, Art Nouveau, Victorian and mid-century table lamps

While our online marketplace features many contemporary and quirky table lamps, we also list many from centuries gone by. One of the most fascinating things about table lamps is the array of different materials and shapes that can serve the very same purpose. From bulbous porcelain bases with bright paint finishes to frosted white glass orbs to ornate brass candelabra-style lamps adorned with petal shapes, few furnishings are as varied and diverse in design as the table lamp.

A stylish Italian lamp may work beautifully in a sophisticated bedroom while an eye-catching art deco table lamp may add a flash of character to a living room. Similarly, shabby chic table lamps are a popular choice in hallways where soft lighting helps to create a mellow mood.

Vintage table lamps from Vinterior

Light the way to great interior design with our enormous collection of table lamps. Vinterior is one of the largest marketplaces for both vintage furniture and modern furniture with character which is why you should always make our website your first stop when adding a new interior addition to your home.