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Art Deco Beds

Add glitz, glamour and opulence with your dream art deco bed. Choose from clean lines and lacquered wood to curved headboards and stylish details. Art deco beds have it all and more. Plus, browse our selection and support small local businesses.

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Art deco beds

Let the right art deco bed come roaring into your life with our huge selection. Art deco furniture style is all about luxurious opulence. Lavish details meet clean lines and lots of curves. The style was created to reflect a sense of optimism between WWI and WWII. So you’ll find sunburst shapes, lots of golds and silvers set against rich dark colours and a love of all things shiny. Our collection of art deco beds contains all this and more. Each has been carefully sourced by our team to match this gorgeous aesthetic.

How to style art deco beds?

Art deco beds can be the stand out piece in a more muted room. Or you can add the full art deco look to your bedroom.

Add touches of art deco to the room. Choose an art deco floor lamp or a pair of art deco table lamps to go either side of the bed. You could add a large art deco rug in the centre of the room, or underneath the bed itself. Or simply add a light touch of art deco to the rest of the room with trinkets like art deco vases and picture frames.

If you prefer the full art deco look, we have plenty of options. Add a pair of gorgeous art deco bedside tables. Liven up your beauty station with an art deco dressing table. Or for the ultimate opulence add a chaise longue.

Where to buy art deco style beds?

The best place to buy art deco style beds is online. You’ll find a wide range of options and styles. Long gone are the days of searching auction houses and antiques fairs. Instead, support local businesses and find your perfect art deco bed in just a few easy clicks with Vinterior.

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