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Vintage Throws

Vibrant colours. Expert craftsmanship. And top quality natural materials. These are the key features of our vintage throws collection. Drape one of these blankets or tapestries over a bed or sofa, or hang it on the wall, to add instant elegance to your space.

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Throwback throws from Vinterior

From gingham to stripes and from florals to abstract patterns, our vintage throws contain all sorts of styles for you to choose from. Adorn your home with luxurious and tactile fabrics from India, Africa and Europe to transform it into a haven you’ll never want to leave.

Enjoy the work of weavers, seamstresses and knitters from times gone by with our inspiring collection. Many of our vintage throws were handmade by highly skilled craftsmen and women, with their high quality truly apparent as you feel them between your fingers. These lovely pieces make excellent additions to both traditional and contemporary style homes.

The beauty of a vintage throw

Decorating your living space with tapestries and blankets brings warmth and colour. If an area is lacking that certain je ne sais quoi, this can soon be solved simply by tacking a colourful hand woven tapestry to the wall or placing a pretty throw over an armchair.

Our throws collection contains pieces originating from all over the globe. With a rainbow of colours to choose from, along with a variety of interesting textures. Many of these options have functional uses in your home, be it for draping over your legs as you watch TV or to use as a tablecloth when you’re entertaining.

Decorative textiles at Vinterior

These vintage throws are great as decorative wall displays for your home. Extra detailing like tassels, sequins and gold add extra interest while cut out sections and embroidery bring texture. To find out more about each item, just click on the listing to reveal extra photos and written information.

A floral or crochet bed topper instantly elevates your bedroom. Creating a lovely space for you to sleep in. Combine with a pair of ornate bedside tables for a put together look.

Looking for some more decorations for a hallway, kitchen or living room? Browse our wall art range for inspiration. Fill the space with wall lights and ornamental glassware for a refined look. At Vinterior, we help you embellish your home by providing a marketplace filled with thousands of gorgeous items chosen from a network of expert sellers.

Silk, wool and cotton vintage throws

Our vintage throws are made with excellent quality materials that have stood the test of time. And these gorgeous textiles have plenty of life in them yet. What will you choose for your home?

Wool tapestries have a thick and cosy appearance. While vintage silk throws feel airy, light and oh-so smooth to the touch. These natural fibres, including cotton, are highly breathable and also hold dye well, making them perfect materials for making vintage throws.

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