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Whether it’s for snuggling up under during cold winter months or for adding some flair to your interior decor, vintage throws and blankets can add colour, comfort and texture to any room. Thomas Blanquette, a Flemish weaver from England developed a heavily napped woollen weave in 1340, known as a blanket. In those days throws and blankets were made of wool, which provided warmth and was resistant to fire as well as made of silk, faux fur and cotton for luxury appeal. Throws and blankets come to serve all sorts of purposes, they keep one warm as well as their great designs enhance the décor. Wide range of throws and blankets are available in a variety of colours to suit any room at Vinterior. 

How to use a vintage throws and blankets in your space

Vintage throws and blankets are highly functional accessories in living rooms and bedrooms, alike. They are style makers that add colour, patterns, and warmth to a room. Most vintage throws and blankets are lightweight and can be thrown just about anywhere, from the sofa to the foot of a bed. Neutral coloured throws and blankets tie all the colours of a room together while brightly coloured ones add an unexpected twist to your space. 

Vintage throws and blankets adds a touch of elegance

There are many ways to display throws and blankets on a couch, and when choosing a technique, consider the room’s overall design style. Matching the throw blanket to the couch or bed pillows adds elegance to any space, whether it is a living room or bedroom. Another way to add elegance to your living space is to go with our hand made cashmere throw blanket. They come in a variety of shades, ranging from pure white to deepest black. 

Add comfort and style with throws and blankets

Create a cosy spot to relax in any room with soft and comfortable throw blankets from Vinterior. These versatile throws and blankets work well throughout the home, whether they're draped over the arm of a sofa or folded at the foot of a bed. Discover the types of throws and blankets available at Vinterior to add comfort and style. 

Buy vintage throws and blankets from Vinterior

Here at Vinterior, you will only find fine quality vintage throws and blankets. Whether you're looking for fluffy blankets to add an extra layer of design and warmth to beds or fleece throws for sofas that perfectly complement your cushions and existing decor, we've got all the gorgeous soft finishing touches you could ask for here. Explore our range today.