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Vintage Headboards

Decorating a bedroom? Incorporating a vintage headboard is a sure fire way to tie the space together and draw the eye towards the room’s most important piece of furniture. We often spend weeks agonising over the perfect mattress and bedframe. So why not the headboard as well? Not only do these beautifully crafted products help express your personality and style, they also provide much needed support and additional comfort. Scroll through Vinterior’s range of vintage headboards to see unique products from dealers across the globe.

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  • What kinds of vintage headboards are there?

    From button tufted velvet designs to vintage rattan headboards, there’s a whole host of bedroom furnishings to choose from. Each one reflects the trends and styles prevalent at the time of manufacture, as well as the skill of the craftsperson who made it.

    The headboard you go for depends on the ambience you’re trying to create, as well as practical considerations such as size and comfort. Wrought iron headboards are a popular choice thanks to their timeless elegance and versatility. For more of an organic, boho look, you could also opt for a bamboo or cane design. The perfect addition to a 1970s inspired bedroom.

    If relaxation is your main focus, a padded and upholstered vintage headboard will ensure comfort whether reading in the evening or enjoying a lazy breakfast in bed. And for a solid, timeless and durable option, a wooden headboard is always a safe bet. A mid century design will work well in a modern bedroom, while an intricate carved model will complement a classic or country style space.

  • Tips for styling vintage headboards

    Not only do vintage headboards contribute to the aesthetics of your bedroom, they also play an important role in ensuring comfort. If your headboard lacks padding, consider using an array of scatter cushions to add plush support. Textiles can also help to create a cohesive look in the room by tying different elements together. If you’re a fan of the current biophilia trend, a vintage rattan headboard is the perfect addition to a tropicalia-inspired bedroom. Complete the look with plenty of house plants, layered throws and blankets and a boho wall hanging. Want to channel more of a retro vibe? Pair a mid century vintage headboard with tapered leg side tables, brass lighting fixtures and a 70s-style Scandinavian rug.

    Installing vintage headboards

    When buying a vintage headboard, it’s important to consider whether you want a freestanding, wall mounted or frame mounted design. Many large headboards are wall mounted as this ensures stability and comfort when leaning against them. If your headboard needs to be installed on the wall behind the bed, start by marking where you want it to hang using a spirit level. Drill holes and use French cleats or Z clips to mount it to the wall. Frame-mounted headboards can be slightly harder to install because they require you to drill holes into the bedframe. In case of any doubts, you can always contact Vinterior sellers for additional information. Or contact an expert to help you with assembly. Still seem like a bit too much DIY for your liking? Vinterior also offers a wide range of bed frames complete with integrated headboards.