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To protect your walls from abrasion, you need headboards. But don’t just buy any headboards, but something unique and stylish, for instance, choose from one of our headboards. Let your bed get the right support, and give a personal touch to your beautiful bedroom. Vinterior has the right collection of elegant antique headboards. These headboards were once created by impeccable crafters. Allow your bedroom to look extravagant, and choose only the best headboards from our vast catalogue.

Comfortable headboards for your bedroom

These headboards are made to provide you with extra comfort and support. Once you sit up in the bed, you can rest your head on the headboard. Sitting up against the wall never feels comfortable. Now, you will never have to worry about your comfort. Plus, these headboards are unique and look so stylish. These will become the centerpiece of your bedroom. Throw some pillows, and let the headboard outshine your room.

Create the cosy ambience with headboard

We have a lot of different styles of headboards available to you. These are available in different materials as well. Choose from Spain headboard, Mid-century white and newton headboard, super king headboard, 1960’s headboard, rattan headboard, a continental headboard, and more. We will spoil you with verities.

Vintage headboards look authentic

A headboard can create the right ambiance for your bedroom. Freshen up the look of your bedroom, and choose a headboard that will be the perfect addition to your bedroom. There are many eye-catchy designs waiting for you. Design your bedroom the way you want to. And choose one outstanding piece that will create the centerpiece of your bedroom.
Headboards are not hard to clean as well. Do a weekly vacuuming, and your headboard will sparkle like brand new. You can also use a damp cloth to clean it.

Where to buy headboards from

If you want to buy beautiful and elegant looking vintage and antique headboards, choose Vinterior. We are the number one marketplace when it comes to everything vintage and antique.
Find your favorite antique and vintage headboard right here and buy it today.