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In any home, lighting is key. We’ve all made the mistake of seeing lighting as a purely practical home design element, but in actual fact the humble light arguably possesses the most influence when it comes to transforming the way your home looks and feels. Lighting affects mood, colour, tone and ambience, and the right lighting doesn’t just make the rest of your home look better – it also stands out as a statement piece in its own right. This is certainly the case when it comes to floor lamps, which feel more like a stand out piece of furniture than any other kind of lighting. Finding that perfect balance between practicality and attractiveness can be difficult when it comes to lamps, but that’s exactly what the mid-century period of design offered. Take a look at the Vinterior collection of mid-century floor lamps today and get inspired by some incredible designs.

Why choose mid-century floor lamps?

The mid-century school of design was paramount in redressing the balance between aesthetics and function. While the Victorian era and Art Deco period celebrated the look of a piece of furniture above all else, the mid-century movement was brave enough to ask: why can’t we ask for both aesthetic appeal and functionality from our furniture?

The sleek lines and statement silhouettes of the mid-century era certainly pack a visual punch. Metallic elements, solid woods and chic finishes create truly attractive furniture items, while also celebrating durability and practicality. This is also the case when it comes to mid-century lamps. Form follows function with these uncluttered designs, perfect for igniting any room with an ambient glow.

Take, for example a Danish layered floor lamp made in white lacquered metal. This piece is coloured to be a subtle addition against white-washed walls but with angular discs and other styling touches that will undoubtedly still catch the eye.

Introducing mid-century floor lamps into your home

Mid-century floor lamps use their design to celebrate the vibrancy, panache and colour of the 1940s, 50s and 60s, creating deceptively simple designs which are endlessly chic. A floor lamp from this period possesses that quintessential mid-century ability to both stand out and blend in, making it the perfect addition to almost any space.

Whether you are creating a reading nook in the living room, adding a soft glow to the dining room or trying to create a relaxing vibe in the bedroom, a floor lamp from the mid-20th century is the perfect solution. More industrial designs can work wonders in a home office, while more rustic designs feel right at home in an open plan kitchen

Why shop for mid-century floor lamps with Vinterior?

Using our network of sellers, we can bring you an amazing array of mid-century floor lamps encompassing all the different styles and looks from the peak of 20th century design. Because of our reach, you need go no further for a varied and diverse collection, each unique piece carefully chosen for its quality, authenticity and provenance. We house many thousands of unique pieces of furniture in our collection, selected from sellers around the UK.

So, if you’re looking for the perfect lighting for your home, you are in the right place. Whether you’re actively shopping or simply looking to get inspired, discover everything you need right here at Vinterior and light the way to fantastic home design.