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Vintage Mirrors

Adorn your home with striking vintage mirrors crafted by skilled furniture makers across centuries. At Vinterior, we have plenty of second-hand wall mirrors, floor mirrors, table mirrors and hand mirrors to enhance the look of your living space. Find rare, collectable pieces and more budget-friendly options in this range.

Sourced by expert vintage furniture sellers, our collection of vintage hanging mirrors includes fine examples of craftsmanship and style. Whether you’re a committed mid-century enthusiast or seek the opulent styles of Art Deco design, you’ll discover it here.

Find your one-of-a-kind vintage mirrors for sale at Vinterior and buy direct from one of our trusted sellers today.

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Gorgeous second-hand vintage mirrors for sale at Vinterior

Gaze into a spectacular vintage mirror every day with our varied vintage home decor selection. You’ll find classic frameless wall mirrors alongside huge overmantel mirrors with beautiful wooden frames in our collection. Illuminated mirrors, convex mirrors and distortion mirrors; top-quality teaks, mahogany and walnut are used; you’ll find them all in our collection, as well as sturdy metals like silver, bronze and brass.

We’ve picked the very best vintage hanging mirrors from our community of trusted sellers located in the UK and beyond for your perusal. These gorgeous mirrors were built to stand the test of time – and have plenty of life left in them.

Every home needs glorious vintage mirrors

Whether you’re after a second-hand vintage mirror for daily grooming, a full-length mirror for the bedroom or a brown mirror for elsewhere in the house, you’ll find vintage mirrors for sale in our range.

Explore work by top designers such as Phillip Orr and Kai Kristiansen and Uno & Östen Kristiansson as well as plenty of options for those on a tighter budget.

Vintage wall mirrors for every style

Round, square and rectangular mirrors feature aplenty – but our collection of second-hand vintage wall mirrors also contains plenty of options that deviate from that norm. Find oval, octagonal and asymmetrical vintage mirrors. As well as those with unusual shapes. Effects like cut glass, ornate metal detailing, painting and wood carving add to the beauty of these pieces.

The art deco period was known for its clean lines, geometric shapes and ornate details. Many of our mirrors from the 1920s and 1930s have interesting shapes, such as the popular fan style. Some feature striking black trim, as well as coloured glass panels in blue, green, grey or peach that add to their appeal.

How can you tell if a mirror is vintage?

While it can be tricky to date a mirror, there are a couple of tell-tale signs. Mirrors with bevelled edges that have a weight to them tend to be older. Also, take a look at the reflection in the mirror. Hold a white piece of card up to the mirror. If the reflection is white like the card, the mirror was made after 1850. If it's more off-white or yellowish in hue, it is an older mirror, made before 1850.

Second-hand vintage floor mirrors

Stylish standalone mirrors are handy if you have plenty of space. These have the benefit of not needing to attach to a wall. A large vintage mirror is great for the bedroom while dressing. Or in a dressing room. Many of these vintage mirrors have gorgeously ornate wooden stands to create an extra elegant bedroom space. Some have in-built shelving or drawers where you can hide away hair brushes and other unsightly favourites.

Love a postmodern look? The Lipstick mirror was first designed by Frenchman Roger Lecal in the 1970s – it features a slim oval-shaped pane on a plastic base. Place one alongside some 1970s furniture and lighting for an authentic feel.

Where to buy vintage mirrors?

Here at Vinterior, we’re proud of our online marketplace, where you can find small, medium and large vintage hanging mirrors. Thanks to our easy-to-use website, you can narrow down your search using handy filters. Pick your preferred material, size, period or brand. As well as plenty of other options. Then buy second-hand vintage mirrors from our trusted sellers today.

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