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The gorgeous Turkish rugs are like beautiful poetry, they are opulent work of art with each design with a deeper meaning. Whether hand knotted or flat woven, they are of the most recognized and established handcrafted work in the world. Turkish rugs, once being an indispensable choice for the Kings and the Palaces, Royalty, and Connoisseurs of beauty and craftsmanship are now readily becoming a choice for modern homeowners. They transform the spaces into magnificence and add a touch of royalty with their rich aura, colour, texture, patterns, and motifs. If you are looking to add an extra flair to your home design, then Turkish rugs from Vinterior can do that. Explore our catalogue today.

Turkish Rugs are Profound Artistic Expression

Known for their traditional motifs, intricate patterns, and tight sturdy weaves, Turkish rugs embody a profound artistic expression of Turkey's culture. Why people buy them is because these beautiful Turkish rugs are durable, add character and warmth to the room. Another reason why people buy Turkish rugs is that their beauty increases as they age. Since these rugs are made with fine natural materials, they get brighter and become more lustrous over the years. Turkish rugs are versatile and well suited for traditional or modern homes, complementing interior decor. They can also be used as hanging wall decor, a stair runner or prayer rug, depending on the size you choose.

What Makes Turkish Rugs Special?

Turkish rugs are popular for their bold striking patterns and stunning colour combinations as well as unique weaving technique. Symmetrical knotting technique is used, known as double knotting which is a traditional technique and passed down, making each piece true to its roots. Each Turkish rug is unique and its design tells a story. Turkish rugs are also known for high-quality.

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Turkish rugs are rich in history and handwoven. They are something you have to experience to appreciate their beauty and utility. You will find a variety of Turkish rugs style from Ladik, Yuruk, and Melas to Bergama, and Mudjur rugs.
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Here at Vinterior, you will find high-quality Turkish rugs that you can be proud of. With us, you can rest assure that you are buying an extraordinary rug that can't be easily found anywhere. So, what are you waiting for? Check out our exclusive collection of Turkish rugs today.