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The 1970s was a decade that was vibrant and bright, borrowing the flower power of the Swinging 60s but with more of a nod towards space age, new technology and eastern-inspired introspection. This created a delightful fusion of styles which look fabulous and fresh even in the modern home. 1970s furniture is still extremely popular today, whether you opt for a full retro theme for your home or just funky accents here and there. Bright, colourful and impossible to ignore, there’s a wide range of styles of 1970s furniture and decor. Here at Vinterior we love the styles of the past, and the 1970s is no exception. We’ve got some great examples of 1970s furniture in our online catalogue; explore the collection now.

1970s furniture: choosing colours

The 1970s really moved in style from the early years to the end of the decade so if you want to find retro furniture from this era, there’s a wide range of looks to choose from.

The colours that dominated 70s style made a statement and could never be described as subtle. Orange, green, purple and yellow dominated the palette with a few other colours thrown in occasionally too. Contrasting tones were particularly on trend with pink and purple, green and blue, yellow and orange and pink and green all in demand.

However, if the loud colour blocking style isn’t for you, there is an alternative which is just as dramatic but less crowded visually. White furniture, or monochrome tones, accented by a bold splash of colour in the accessories such as cushions and lighting is another 70s style you may wish to consider.

Finding 1970s furniture

Furniture design in the 1970s offered great scope, with something for everyone. Seating came in many different varieties, ranging from space age moulded plastic to relaxed giant beanbags, or a combination of the two. If you are interested in incorporating a little bit of the 70s aesthetic into your home, you will surely find something for both formal and informal environments. G Plan continued to grow in popularity with variations on their best-selling Blofeld Wingback chair still very much on trend – something that will still catch the eye in any living room today.

The simple Scandinavian look with stripped back furniture and uncluttered, plain lines was also still in vogue in the 70s, as can be seen in Farstrup dining chairs. Rattan, wicker and faux fur were popular for a more bohemian look, accented by colourful, scattered floor cushions.

In the kitchen and dining rooms, a diner-style appeared with bright vinyl and neon colours – just when you thought the decor couldn’t get any brighter! Chairs were shaped fluidly and were often on wheels, adding comfort to practicality and function.

Furniture was made from a range of materials during the 1970s, with one foot in the past and the other firmly in the future. Metal, wood, chrome, leather, vinyl, glass and Lucite were all used to great effect over the decade. In the 70s chrome and glass together felt very futuristic but now this combination has a distinctly retro effect.

The iconic lava lamp was one of the must-have items of home decor but there were many other accessories featured too. Wall hangings made from macramé were hot while fashionable lighting was made from chrome and plastic combined.

Incorporate 1970s furniture in your home with Vinterior

At Vinterior we love vintage furniture and we feature thousands of products from the 1970s on our online marketplace. If you want to get the retro look – be it a Nathan retro sideboard or a Danish leather recliner from Dyrlund – there’s only one place to come. In our online catalogue you’ll find a fabulous selection of 1970s furniture which will look great in any home. Whether you’re looking to make a purchase or just get inspired, take a tour now.