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Antique coffee tables are very unique in that they were not a very common form of furniture in the 19th century, as coffee tables are today. They are quite a rare piece of antique furniture to acquire and will make a special addition to any living room.

Antique coffee tables for sale on Vinterior

Antique coffee tables for sale on Vinterior tend to originate from the 19th century although there are also some earlier Georgian models. These antique coffee tables are commonly made using dark, luxurious woods, such as mahogany or walnut, with rich and opulent tones. In these earlier periods, it was not typical as it is now to place a coffee table in front of seating. You will notice when browsing the collection that many antique coffee tables look more like side tables, simply because this was their original function.

Why choose an antique coffee table?

Why choose an antique coffee table over new? Consider that antique furniture has already been going strong for decades, if not centuries. This is sturdy furniture, built to last by skilled craftsmen. Antique furniture is composed of solid long-lasting materials which remain pleasing, textural references - like the beautiful patina of weathered brass wood. Antique furniture is also steeped in history and brings with it an enormous amount of soul and character into any space, something that newly made pieces just cannot do.

The history of the coffee table

When did coffee tables first become a presence in the home? The coffee table is not actually a very old design and dates back to the late 18th century. Tea drinking, in fact, remained at the height of fashion and it was this morning and afternoon social activity that first necessitated some kind of table. ‘Tea tables’ were quite a bit taller than today’s low coffee tables as they were often stored to the side of the popular high backed antique sofas. It was not until much later in the early 20th century that drinking coffee became de facto - hence the rarity of antique coffee tables.

How to find antique coffee tables

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