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Vintage Coat Racks and Clothes Racks

Forever tripping over coats, bags and shoes? Maximise space in narrow hallways and tiny porches or add a quirky touch to your bedroom, with a stylish vintage coat rack. They look great and solve one of the biggest storage issues in the home.

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Stylish storage for everyday essentials

Wherever you lay your hat, that’s your home. Those in the know, know that the humble coat rack is essential for any hallway. After all, there’s a reason these clever guys have been around for centuries. Whether it’s a rack, hooks or a stand, vintage coat racks are brilliantly designed to give you easy access to coats and bags and keep them up and off the floors. Your hallway stays clear and your coats aren’t crumpled.

All hail the humble hallway

You might not spend much time in the hall, but it’s the first room you see when you get home after a long day. And it makes the first impression of your home on visitors. So, we think it deserves some love.

Adding a characterful vintage coat rack will give you some practical storage in a small space and elevate its look and feel. A coat rack might not be the centrepiece of the room, but they can be the perfect finishing touch.

And they aren’t just for the hallway, either. Vintage coat racks can be used in bathrooms to hang towels on. Or pop one in the corner of the bedroom and hang your favourite dressing gown, hats or even jewellery on it. Whatever you hang on your vintage coat rack is going to attract the eye, so be creative.

Which style of vintage coat rack is for you?

Love the industrial look? Metal hooks on wood will achieve the look instantly. Shabby chic more your thing? Look for wooden coat stands that are pretty and practical.

A traditional coat stand is totally portable so it can be moved anywhere in the house if you need, or even if you just want to try it in a different room.

If you’ve got a bigger space to work with, why not go for a traditional changing stand or bench, that comes with drawers and a mirror? If you crave a minimalist space, wall-mounted Danish designs made from teak will fit perfectly – some even come with nifty shelves for your shoes. If you don’t have room for a tall coat rack, choose coat hooks instead. These can be positioned anywhere on a wall or even under the stairs. But we have a feeling you’ll want to show it off.

Vintage coat racks, hooks and stands from trusted sellers

There’s no need to trawl flea markets and car boot sales anymore. You can find hundreds of vintage coat racks and stands right here and make them yours with just a few clicks. Whether you want your vintage coat rack to make a statement or add a more subtle style, you’ll find countless styles to choose from in our handpicked collection from thousands of trusted dealers.