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What makes a house a home? Some would say it’s having a place to hang your coat that you can call your own. Find a vintage coat rack, stand or perhaps a retro coat hook at Vinterior and you can ensure that each time you arrive at your door, there’s something to greet you that will put a smile on your face.

Explore the range of options here at our online marketplace and find a coat rack that is anything but ordinary.

Why choose a vintage coat hook or antique coat rack?

Of course, all storage solutions have to be practical and functional items. But as the first piece of furniture your guests are likely to notice when they cross the threshold of your home, it is important that your coat stand, coat rack or coat hook has that little bit of extra personality. And there is no better way to achieve this than by looking to the past for a piece of furniture that has style and character in abundance.

Here at Vinterior you will find a whole host of different options to choose from. From vintage and shabby chic coat racks to antique industrial coat hooks, you are certain to find inspiration on our online marketplace.

Coat racks with shelves, antique coat stands, mirror coat hooks, shabby chic coat racks or retro coat hooks: which is for you?

Choosing the right hook, stand or rack for your porch, hallway or under-stairs cupboard relies heavily on the configuration of your space and the requirements of you and your family. But you should also consider how you might use your furnishings and fixtures to enhance the general look and feel of your home. The hallways and porches of homes often feel sparse and neglected but with a retro coat hook or a shabby chic coat stand you can instantly add style and character to an otherwise quiet and unassuming part of your home.

Instead of a bland and plain wall-fixed coat rack with shelves, why not opt for a vintage retro Danish afromosia coat hook or perhaps replace your flimsy plastic hooks with more stylish Portmanteau coat hooks? Have a little more space in your hallway or under your stairs? Then how about a fun and quirky mid 20th century old school changing bench with coat hooks? Should you be short on room but want something to add light and a little extra functionality to your hallway, consider opting for a mirror with coat hooks.

Antique coat racks

Nothing says elegance more than a beautiful item of antique furniture. Unlike sofas, beds and kitchen appliances, a coat rack is not likely to make a statement in the centre of a communal space, but it does have the power to enhance the atmosphere in your home. Whether you want to add a touch of opulence and luxury; create a homely, rustic finish; or bring an industrial flavour to your entranceway, a coat stand or rack can have a genuine impact.

From intricate cast iron models to lovingly carved wooden ones, there are endless antique coat racks to choose from at Vinterior.

Modern and artisan coat racks for sale

We also provide modern and artisan furniture solutions for your home which are equally attractive, unique and full of character. We provide many different options for lovers of modern coat racks and artisan coat racks, catering for all tastes and styles. Bespoke coat racks often repurpose other items to create a great aesthetic, such as wall-mounted taps, golf balls and even piping.

A huge collection of vintage coat racks from Vinterior

The hallway is often the most overlooked space in the home when it comes to interior design, but even though we don’t spend as much time in the hall as other rooms, how your hall looks and feels is just as important. It’s what brings our home together and creates its first impression, so the right décor is essential. Modern or vintage coat racks are a great addition to any hallway, and you find a better place to search than Vinterior. Explore our collection of coat racks today.