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Antique Shelving

Part of the charm of the physical book is the way that the sight, smell and touch of it. For that reason, we recommend that you think carefully about the storage solutions you choose for your favourite works of literature. At Vinterior we believe that your books deserve to be displayed proudly. And what better way than to incorporate a vintage bookcase or shelf into your living room, study or bedroom design? If your home suffers from the general clutter of everyday living, take a look at the stunning collection of art shelves and ornate bookcases from Vinterior. You’ll discover the perfect home for all your books, ornaments, photographs and knick knacks. Whether you have a taste for antique shelving and bookcases or a more modern, bespoke piece, browse our range today.

There are few joys in life that can compare to the pleasure of reading a good book. Yet there is also much to be said for the way you display and showcase your hard earned collection of prose and poetry. From single wall shelves to extensive storage units, our collection accommodates all furniture shapes and sizes. If you’re looking to add a generous helping of luxury to your living area or bedroom, take inspiration from bygone eras and different countries and cultures.

For example, an antique French bookcase gives your books and ornaments a decadent home that can completely transform the way your living space looks and feels. And if you feel that your home requires as much storage space as possible, consider a bookshelf with drawers to provide you with greater flexibility – enabling you to hide away keys, trinkets and less aesthetically pleasing items as well as show off those important keepsakes and works of literature.

Retro shelves in your home

Retro can mean many different things when it comes to furniture, from ornate early century items to fun mid century pieces. But no matter what style you’re looking to introduce into your home, you’ll find it in the collection of retro shelving available from Vinterior. The sizes, styles and eras you’ll uncover range from classically decadent 19th century pieces to mid century shelves and even room dividers from celebrated designers like Ludvik Volák. For rooms that are short on floor space, you can find wall mounted shelving solutions, including stunning art deco wall shelves to bring elegance and character into any space.

Book cabinets and bookcases

You’ll find both old and new furniture solutions at Vinterior, with every item boasting a unique and exciting design to really make your home feel like your own. Whether it’s a retro oak bookcase, an antique book cabinet or a set of mid century bookshelves to add a special something to your furniture, there’s no better place to browse than our online platform. Introducing more unusual items of furniture into your home, like an antique book cabinet, can really make your interiors stand out to family and friends, especially with the high quality details and finishes you find on vintage items.

Stunning mid century shelves available

Wall shelves make a fantastic alternative to bookcases, especially in smaller rooms such as studies. Even the simplest mid century shelf can provide you with some much-needed storage while also adding an attractive design element. One of the benefits of shelves over a bookcase is that it does not take up floor space and helps to make a room feel larger in many cases.

Our collection includes simple yet effect options like a solid wood mid century wall shelf set from the 1960s, as well as quirkier items like the colourful designs from celebrated Dutch artist A.D. Dekker. From English Oak and teak to stylised metal and bamboo, our bookcase and mid century shelf collections include a huge number of options.

Find vintage metal shelves and more at Vinterior

For something more industrial and modern in design, consider a vintage metal bookcase. Like wood, metal is an extremely versatile material that can be used to create an array of looks, from elegant metal French display stands to more rustic utility style storage units.