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If your idea of an interior with character is one that is raw and stripped back, then look no further than the range of industrial furniture options available here at Vinterior.

Industrial furniture to fill every room

There is something truly engaging about industrial furniture. If you are looking to inject personality and a utilitarian aesthetic into a space such as a kitchen or dining room, then choosing a few industrial pieces of furniture can add an extra dimension to your space. While it is possible to generate an industrial theme through steel beams and exposed brick walls or metal piping, often something as simple as a cast iron sideboard or reclaimed wooden table can transform an otherwise neutral room into a stylish and eye-catching one.

At Vinterior, our collection of industrial furniture includes everything from lighting and storage to desks and seating. It also spans many different styles and time periods, so there is sure to be something to suit your home décor. Mid century industrial furniture can add a touch of unusual elegance to any space, while reclaimed factory pendant lighting provides an individual way to light up a kitchen or bathroom.

Choosing an industrial theme for your home enables you to incorporate a whole range of materials, textures and colours – whether it is untreated wood, brushed steel or even masonry. One of the most fun ways to do this is to look at ways to repurpose items that may have had a different use in a previous life. From metal lockers that can be transformed into eye-catching wardrobes to scaffold board dining tables and reclaimed stools, an industrial theme invites creativity and invention.

Mid century industrial furniture for your home

Not only will you find that the mid-century industrial furniture on our website is stylish; you will also appreciate the quality and attention to detail put into the design and build of these products, which were made to last. Among the many designers featured within our collection, look out for the likes of Terence Conran the creator of retro lamps and unique seating solutions.

Create the perfect study with industrial desks

Working from home is becoming the norm for a growing number of people, thanks to the rise of remote working and the freedom afforded by cloud computing. This means that while you don’t have to head into the office every day, you still want to have a designated space for working hard. And any good workplace starts with a great desk. Thankfully, you’ll find no shortage at Vinterior to meet your taste for all things industrial. A pre-loved desk made from brushed steel and stripped back wood provides ample workspace without being as mundane as your usual mass-market laminate table. Try our range of 1940s steel desks featuring original brass handles; or perhaps an attractive trestle desks in reclaimed wood.

Vintage industrial cabinets

If you are looking for a centrepiece for your living or dining room, choosing something vintage could be exactly what you need to turn a nice space into an incredible one. Think about adding a mid-century medical cabinet or a vintage industrial TV cabinet to make a real statement. Even the addition of a vintage filing cabinet as a side table can be enough to complete your look.

Industrial mid century furniture, antique pieces, artisan designs and more

No matter what you need to elevate the look of your home, take the time to explore Vinterior today. With new items being added to our online marketplace each and every day, you can rest assured that we’ll have something to suit your tastes.