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Wall Lights

Vintage Wall Lights

Vintage wall lights and vintage wall lamps can instantly transform a flat wall into a decorative space worth noticing. Produced to infuse ambient lighting in a variety of spaces, vintage wall lighting can also add depth and structure to a room.Select a pair of tavern wall sconces to cascade a warm amber glow throughout a space. Or choose vintage spotlights to highlight your favourite artwork with pinpoint focus.Whether you’re an interior designer looking to create the perfect ambience for a client or you simply want to bring hygge cosiness to your living spaces with some class wall lights, we’ve got you covered with our edit of old-fashioned lights.Browse our vast collection of old-fashioned wall lights and explore a vast swathe of design eras to find your perfect lighting no matter your space, taste or budget. Use our handy filter menu to the left to narrow your search and create a bespoke selection for your perusal. Explore the edit below, add to your wishlist, and unearth your perfect vintage wall light.

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Vintage bathroom wall lights

Quality vintage bathroom lighting is the ideal way to complete your shower or bathing area. It doesn’t matter what style of bathroom you have, vintage wall lights can always add a touch of elegance or make a bathroom a more pleasant environment. The great thing about vintage bathroom wall lights is that you have the freedom to fix them exactly where you want them. They can be installed for a decorative effect, highlighting a unique feature or a picture frame. Alternatively, if your aim is to illuminate a surface, you need to fix wall lights that cast their lights downwards rather than upwards.

We have a wide range of bathroom lights in our vintage wall lights collection, and you’re bound to find a fixture that suits your home. From art deco cube wall lights to dramatic crystal chandelier-style wall pieces, there’s something to dress up every bathroom. All of the vintage bathroom lights from our collection are high-quality and have been fully tested to ensure that they comply with all safety and building regulations.

Vintage wall lights for sale in the U.K.

We have an excellent choice of vintage wall lights and vintage wall lamps available to complement your home, many from U.K. manufacturers. You can deck your walls with vintage lamps from various eras, from Georgian to Edwardian, to create a classic, traditional look in your home.

Lighting creates mood and ambience, so you should consider both when shopping for lighting. Wall lights are particularly suited for specialist areas of the home where consistent activities occur, such as kitchens and bathrooms. However, that’s not to say you can’t enjoy wall lights in all areas of the home. Whether you want to go for a chic and stylish look with metallic flair or you’re looking for something outlandish and out of the ordinary, these vintage wall lights will beautifully grace any room.

Finding the ideal vintage wall lights for you and your home is easy. Simply navigate to the left-hand side of the page and adjust the filters to your tastes and lighting style, flicking between vintage wall lights and vintage wall lamps. Our search system allows you to highly customise your search, so it’s easier to find pieces you love. Hygge fan? Spotlight darling? Monotone enthusiast? Your lighting choice will bring character to your aesthetic. Explore our vintage wall light collection today.

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