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Bankers Lamps

Whether on a desk, a bedside table or a kitchen counter, an attractive table lamp can bring an atmosphere all its own to any interior setting. Lighting is an important component when it comes to interior design, directly impacting the way a space looks and feels. This means that choosing the right lighting is key, and surely the right lighting is one that doesn’t just serve a purpose, but looks great while doing it. The iconic Bankers lamp is one such example of this. The celebrated story and form behind this design makes it one of the most desirable items in the world of vintage lighting, and you can find an incredible collection of original Bankers lamps right here at Vinterior.

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The Bankers lamp – a piece of design history

When American engineer Harrison D. McFadden filed a patent application in 1909 for “a new, original and ornamental design for lamp shades”, he probably had no idea he was on the verge of creating one of the most iconic pieces of lighting in design history.

Although today the lamp is best known as the Bankers lamp, it was originally called Emeralite – a combination of ‘emerald’ and ‘light’ in reference to its celebrated green lamp shade. The first designs of the Bankers lamps had a brass base or brass-plated base, supporting a shade made by fusing two glass layers of white opal and emerald green. Later incarnations of the lamp featured more decorative bases and smoother shades.

Though McFadden’s company came to an end in the 1960s, the legacy of the Bankers lamp lives on in popular culture, and on desks all over the world.

How to introduce Bankers lamps into your home

The iconic emerald shade of the Bankers lamp was chosen due to the associations green has with positive emotions. Green was, and still is, thought to encourage feelings of relaxation, energy, focus and concentration. This belief made its way into professionals like accounting, auditing and budgeting, and is the reason why US bankers and accountants often wore green visors back in the day.

It’s this rich green tone that should inspire your home design when introducing Bankers lamps. With more and more of us working from home, a Bankers lamp is the perfect addition to a home office, adorning a glass desk to create a stunning design feature while boosting productivity. Try pairing your lamp with an antique French lamp, dark woods such as a mahogany desk, leafy plants and rich leather upholstery for a classic luxury office feel.

Alternatively, the muted glow of Bankers lamps is ideal in a bedside lamp. Placing a Bankers lamp by your bed can give you a relaxing source of light as well as a real statement piece of décor. Pair this green radiance with gentle blues and purples for a cool, inviting space.

Bankers lamps: Why shop with Vinterior?

As a collectable item which is no longer in production, it can be difficult to obtain an original Bankers lamp in great condition. But at Vinterior, that’s exactly what you’ll find. Our extensive collection of unique furniture includes many thousands of premium pieces, including Bankers lamps. Whatever your taste, you’ll find everything from vintage and retro furniture to contemporary and bespoke pieces; each one completely individual with its own character and story to tell.

If you want to see just how exciting lighting can be, Vinterior is your lightbulb moment. Browse our collection today.

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