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Vintage Wall Shelves

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One of the most convenient forms of storage since the earliest homes were built, wall shelves are an incredibly convenient way to keep items tidy and off the floor in the home. If you are searching for a stylish way to display odds and ends or whether you’re just looking for a practical form of storage that takes up no floor surface, vintage wall shelves are for you. Discover our collection of vintage wall shelves and turn your walls into a decorative feature now.

Why choose vintage wall shelves?

In their earliest form, wall shelves were more like pigeon-holes, and during the Middle Ages Medieval scribes would keep their working tools in them. However, over the intervening years, wall shelving began to take a less box-like and more open form. Although free-standing shelves have proven to be more popular for many purposes, there is still something particularly elegant about the wall-hanging shelf.

Particularly useful in creating storage when floor space is at a premium, vintage wall shelves aren’t just a handy addition to the room, they can also be decorative in their own right. Many are ornate while others have unusual geometric shapes to catch the eye. During the 20th century we can see that wall shelves became an essential part of interior décor. Not only are most extremely sturdy and robust – frequently made from solid woods like teak or mahogany – but many have intricate detailing that make them stand out from the crowd.

The shape of vintage wall shelves can vary dramatically. While you’d expect them to be mostly linear in shape, this isn’t always the case. Some have unusual geometric shapes such as triangles or hexagons. While some come in the form of a single shelf, others incorporate several shelves in a unit or frame. Some are all wood, while others incorporate metal into their design. Many mid-century pieces have a particularly appealing retro look with a modular shape that creates a focal point.

Whether it’s a Dutch Tomado set of multi-coloured wall shelves in steel from the 1950s or a set of Walter Wirz rosewood shelves from the 1960s, there is a solution for every home and every style of interior here at Vinterior.

The charm of vintage wall shelves

There are few pieces of furniture more convenient than wall shelves. Not only do they not take up any space on your floor – ideal for anyone in a small apartment or compact home – but they can even be a decorative element in their own right.

Even if the items that you are storing are boring or unattractive in themselves, the right set of vintage wall shelves can make all the difference to the appearance of your room. Exquisitely constructed and crafted with longevity in mind, vintage wall shelves not only have a beautiful appearance, but they are built to last. Unlike many modern pieces of shelving, a vintage shelf will stand the test of time.

Shop for vintage wall shelves with Vinterior

Here at Vinterior, we aim to bring you a stylish selection of vintage and antique items and furnishings to grace your home for many more years to come. When you’re searching for decorative and practical vintage wall shelves, we have just the item for you. We’ll inspire you to bring authentic vintage style into every room of your home and help you to bring the past back to life in a beautiful and elegant way.

Incorporating Vintage Pipe Shelves into Your Home

It’s surprisingly easy to incorporate industrial pipe shelving into any space of your home. There are lots of different designs to choose from, meaning you can find something that works perfectly in your living space no matter what style you prefer. Some pipe shelves have a stripped back, minimalist look that works wonderfully in contemporary-themed properties, while others take the original vintage piping materials and work them into an attractive design that adds a rustic look.

Check out our vintage wall shelves and capture retro sophistication in your home.