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Art Deco Sculptures

Sleek. Modern. Characterful. Browse our unique selection of carefully curated art deco sculptures and art deco statues. Celebrating modern life, art deco furniture and artwork add glamour and fun to the world of interiors. Browse works by collectible designers such as Ugo Cipriani, Charles Lemanceau, and Irenee Rochard.

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Art deco sculptures

Timeless appeal. Vibrant. Graceful. Art deco sculptures and statues are synonymous with the luxury of the era. Our selection of sculptures and art includes both free standing sculptures and wall sculptures.

Popular materials used to create art deco sculptures included bronze, as well as ceramics and porcelain. These works showcased a zest for life. Whether it’s depictions of women in stunning poses or big cats prowling along the ground, the artworks harness power, grace, and freedom. And as with all art deco items, geometric shapes and clean lines feature heavily.

Historic art deco statues

Adding an air of luxury and sophistication, art deco is characterised by a fusion of styles. The medium of sculpture became more prominent during this period and art deco sculptors had a huge influence on this vibrant style.

Taking inspiration from previous movements, including surrealism, fauvism, and cubism, sculptors including Joseph Lorenzl, Demetre Chiparus, and Marcel Bouraine became influential during this period. The craftsmanship and work at this time was exceptional, which is why these pieces have stood the test of time.

Female dancers are some of the best-known art deco statues. Women dance in different positions, showing sensuality and beauty and showcasing a new self-confidence. Art deco statues exhibit artistic curves and motion.

To cater to different styles and classes, a wide range of materials were used to create art deco sculptures. The most expensive art deco statues were cast in bronze with a cold-painted finish. Some used delicately carved ivory for a decorative and intricate product. For more modest art deco sculptures, metal composites were used.

Why buy art deco statues

Art lover looking to add to your collection? Maybe you’re on the hunt for an eye-catching piece of art? Our art deco sculptures will give you years of pleasure and enjoyment. Give your hallway, living room, or even your bedroom a focal point. And have fun with it.

Sculptures can also be more affordable than two-dimensional artwork. Place yours on an art deco cabinet or desk. Or simply hang it on the wall with your other favourite pieces of wall art.

Shop now for art deco sculptures

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