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Whether you like to fill your home with decorations at every turn or prefer a few carefully selected pieces, accessories are an essential piece of your style. The finishing touch that pulls any type of decor together, with additional ornaments there’s the potential to express your personality to its fullest. Sculptures are the very epitome of this: highly personal pieces that can evoke emotion and tell people a lot about your tastes. What one person loves leaves another indifferent, so the wide variety of sculptures on offer here at Vinterior allows us to appeal to every varying taste. Art Deco is a particularly glamorous style of decor that appeared between World War I and World War II. Sculptures were an important part of Art Deco and there are some incredible examples of this style. Check out the rest of our website and browse our online catalogue to discover what’s on offer.

What does Art Deco style look like?

At Vinterior you’ll spot that Art Deco items are diverse, with many differences in style and substance. This is because they spanned an era of rapid development where the trend for taking classic beauty and coupling it with a nod towards machinery was very much in vogue.

Despite the differences in each piece, you’ll spot some features that are relatively constant across the era. Art Deco was renowned for its glamour: think old-school Hollywood and you’ll get the idea.

You’ll find fluid lines and hints of classical sculptures, even with some items mounted on a plinth. But peer closer and you’ll see that next to the wonderful curves lies geometric shapes and themes, contrasting deliberately with the softer lines.

Art Deco sculptures: when and where

So, with this contradiction of differences and similarities, how is it possible to identify an Art Deco piece with any accuracy? It’s surprisingly easy. Regardless of how the piece was conceived and expressed, Art Deco relied upon certain features to be present, namely:

  • Bold colours. Art Deco may not be garish, but it uses striking colour in contrast with other tones to create an eye-catching effect. Monochrome black and white would be an excellent example of this.

  • Metallic components or finishes. The increasing role of machines within society was clearly present within the Art Deco era. As well as including machines and their components in some designs, metallic finishes and use of metal was common

  • Mirrors. The addition of any mirrored finish adds instant glamour, the very essence of the Art Deco soul.

  • Mixed media. Art Deco was all about creating drama and attention, albeit in a high-class way. Mixing medias and combining materials creates a visually fascinating effect and is often seen in furniture and accessories alike

Art Deco sculptures followed all these principles, and were bold, original and eye-catching. Made from brass and other metals, the sculptures are designed to make a real statement.

Symbolic and mythical themes are common, along with sculptures of animals and the female form in various guises. Look out for dancers, clowns, gazelles and panthers as typical examples of beautiful Art Deco sculpture that can be found.

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At Vinterior you’ll find a real tribute to the Art Deco era with furniture and accessories in this theme. Explore our online catalogue and get ready to create your ultimate Art Deco themed home.