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Choosing the perfect bedside table or bedside cabinet

No bedroom is complete without a bedside table – a classic spot to place a sweet smelling candle, a vase full of flowers and your pre-sleep reading material. As an item of furniture it can be transformative, effortlessly elevating the room by providing additional surfaces for well-positioned photo frames or a spot to place dearly loved childhood toys. Far from just decorative, however, a great bedside table is practical, too, offering ample storage space, replete with drawers and shelves or small secret cubby holes to keep everything from precious jewellery and passports safe to spare charging cables out of sight.

Why choose a vintage bedside table?

Contemporary furniture is often mass-produced and identikit, so if you want a piece that’s unique to your home – not to mention timeless – heading away from the high street is the way to go. At Vinterior, we stock a range of vintage and antique bedside tables from over a thousand vendors, meaning there’s an inordinate amount of beautiful – and most importantly, totally individual – items for you to choose from.

Whether you’re looking for a pair of original Ercol bedside tables or a single, elegant Victorian card table to repurpose, there’s sure to be something amongst our vast range that will suit your taste perfectly. In eclectic homes, labels don’t matter, and you’ll find a beautiful stripped pine chair works equally as well next to the bed. Decorate it simply, with a bouquet of dried roses and a glass jug of water in case you get thirsty in the middle of the night, completing the scene with a framed print on the wall above. These small touches take a bedroom up a notch, expressing a commitment to coherent interior design.

Just as unique are antique trunks, stacked haphazardly on top of one another – ideal for avid travellers dreaming of their next adventure. They double up as roomy storage solutions, perfect for stacking extra pillows and blankets inside during the summer months.Miniature bookcases also make excellent bedside tables – if your house is brimming with literature, seek out a petite set of shelves with room for between ten and twenty books. Top with a well-chosen reading lamp with a carefully curated selection of leather-bound tomes beside it for instant luxurious vintage library vibes.

Is a bespoke bedside cabinet better for you?

At Vinterior, we also sell new and upcycled bedside tables, manufactured by skilled craftspeople. Opt for a piece of driftwood topped in glass or a segment of railway sleeper mounted onto hairpin legs – whatever you go for, it will create a stunning focal point for your bedroom. This is great if you have an awkward space to fill – a tiny box room in need of a side table or a particularly tall bed that needs an equally lofty bedside table to match. We love artisan pieces that are handmade using skills that are not often seen in today’s mass-manufactured world.

Find beautiful bedside tables with Vinterior

Whether you’re after something weird and wonderful or a classic antique, at Vinterior, you’re in safe hands. All of the period bedside cabinets and tables on our website are from carefully selected seller, meaning you can rest assured when you shop with us, you’re looking at authentic pieces of the highest quality. This, combined with the ability to compare and contrast from the comfort of your own home, makes Vinterior a favourite amongst everyone from first-time homeowners to professional interior decorators.