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Iconic, sleek shapes, exposed wood and a rich colour palette make 1950s chairs a great addition to any sitting room. What’s more, a comfortable chair sits at the centre of the home, giving virtually any room that welcoming feel and adding a point of interest to any space. Whether you are on the hunt for the perfect armchair to make an impact in your living room, or you’d like to curate a collection of mismatched retro seats in the dining room, shop Vinterior’s extensive range of 1950s chairs now.

Choosing a 1950s sofa

Are you after an L-shaped sofa that sits eight or a snug little love seat? Do you want velvet, leather or wool? A teak frame or chrome legs? The beauty of 1950s sofas is that they combine functionality and comfort with simple, enduring style. The sleek lines that make mid-century furniture so appealing abound in the shape of 1950s settees, whether they’re low, long daybeds or banana-style curves. Look for Italian, Scandinavian and British models that really epitomise the era’s aesthetic and revel in the exciting array of colours available. Whether you prefer muted pastel tones or bright, primary shades, the 50s was a decade that explored different colours and textures, becoming more ambitious and bold as the decade went on – a theme that certainly carried over into the Swinging 60s beyond.

How to style a 1950s sofa

Whether you have a minimalist, whitewashed sitting room or an eclectic, retro lounge, a 1950s sofa makes a great addition to your living space. In a very simple setting, choose a stunning bright orange, blue or yellow number and make it work as a striking accent piece that draws the eye. In a cosy, Nordic-inspired room, opt for a teak framed Danish sofa with jewel-toned upholstery and decorate it with a deerskin rug to add warmth and interest.

Add texture to your velvet 1950s sofa with satin scatter cushions and a well-chosen throw in a contrasting colour. Pick up a matching armchair, or reupholster one in a complementary colour with a geometric pattern that links back to the sofa’s 50s roots. A small 1950s sofa makes the perfect addition to a generously sized bedroom, too – position it in a bay window and choose curtains that accentuate its colour and texture. However you choose to style your 1950s sofa, you can rest assured that the superior comfort that comes from the decade’s excellent craftsmanship is ever present.

Shop for 1950s sofas with Vinterior

Buying from Vinterior gives you the opportunity to show off your individual style in a way that simply isn’t possible with high street flat-pack furniture. We have an enormous range of antique and vintage items from over one thousand trusted sellers – including a fantastic selection of 1950s sofas. We cherry-pick our vendors to ensure you’re met with an exciting assortment of options that meet the high standards of quality and style that you expect from us.

If you are looking for a new twist on the classic 1950s sofa, don’t forget that we sell carefully selected new and upcycled items, too. Our contemporary manufacturers are chosen for their excellent craftsmanship and creative innovation, so whether it’s a reupholstered vintage Danish settee or a 50s-inspired loveseat in this season’s must-have shade, there’s bound to be a new or upcycled option that tickles your fancy.

Feeling inspired? Start your search for a 1950s sofa on Vinterior and find the perfect couch to curl up on today.