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Vintage Side Tables

A side table is always handy. And even better if it’s vintage! Explore our vintage side table collection today and find the perfect pocket-sized, portable table for your home.

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Types of vintage side tables

You can use a vintage side table for almost anything. So it’s no surprise they vary in size, shape and look. Most tables are round or square, but you’ll also find rectangular, tulip and oval shaped tables, and larger console tables.

Most square vintage side tables have four legs, whilst round tables usually have three legs in the middle, in a tripod style.

Vintage side tables are often made from wood, like teak, beech and mahogany. But they can also be made from glass with brass accents, and other materials like chrome, marble, Formica and even stone.

Vintage side tables can come in pairs, as a nest or as a single item. Some include drawers or a shelf for a little extra storage.

They’re the perfect finishing touch for a room. They add a dash of extra style without being overbearing.

Mid century side tables are recognisable for their understated style. Bamboo side tables create a laid back, boho vibe. And antique tripod tables create an authentic traditional look.

Wondering which shape vintage side tables to choose? Square, rectangular and even oval tables look spectacular in modern and minimalist settings, while traditional round tables are good for cosy, country chic.

Where to put a vintage side table?

Side tables can be used all over the home. Whether in a bedroom, dining room or living room, they’re always handy spaces to rest a cup of tea or display a few of your favourite things. In the living room, a side table or two either side of the sofa or next to an armchair never goes amiss.

Vintage side tables can also replace traditional bedside cabinets in your bedroom. And in the office it can be a good spot for a lamp or a pile of books.

In rooms with very angular furniture, a round side table can add contrast and softness. Or, to create a minimalist, modern look, a vintage side table with clean lines and simple styling works well.

If you give your vintage side tables a new home next to a sofa, armchair or bed, they should be slightly lower than the furniture itself.

Vintage side tables UK

Side tables come in so many different styles that finding the right one for you can take time. Shopping with Vinterior means you can see a huge range of vintage side tables from every era, all in the same place. We’re always adding to our online collection. And we source our side tables from trusted sellers with an eye for quality and design. Search by size, price, decade, designer, country and even colour to find the perfect piece for you.