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Not all of us have the knowledge and craftsmanship to transform a shabby piece of furniture into a conversational centrepiece that reinvigorates your home. There’s nothing more satisfying, especially in this age of environmental concern, than breathing new life into old materials. With furniture upcycling, you can do just that and add charm, elegance and character to your home in the process. If you’ve been considering an upgrade to your home’s interior, and want to know what upcycled furniture can do for your home, why not take a digital stroll around Vinterior and browse through our wide selection of upcycled furniture?

What is upcycled furniture?

The concept behind upcycling furniture is pretty straightforward. You may also know it by the term creative reuse. It involves enhancing unwanted, damaged or maybe abandoned furniture, which at some point was a treasured home item, into even better-quality furniture. This may be done by adding skilled craftsmanship, newer and more durable materials or some artistic flair. In all cases, this doesn’t just improve your home and make guests envious, it’s good for the environment, too.

Naturally, any piece of furniture can be upcycled – even those pieces hanging on for dear life by a single screw or nail. That’s why our Vinterior website hosts lots of recycled furniture for sale. Items which have been saved from the landfill and made into timeless pieces. From an antique chest of drawers to vintage wicker painted chairs and everything in between, it’s likely to have found a place with us. You’ll find that quite often upcycled furniture has been painted with a unique design that can add real character to your castle.

What are the benefits of upcycled furniture?

Why not just buy brand new items? Of course, you could pop down to your local high street shop or flat-pack warehouse and pick up decent furniture for bargain prices, but do you really want your home to look like your neighbours’ and friends’ homes?

This is because upcycled furniture is unique and makes your home stand out. A home is supposed to be a personal space so why would you litter it with items that are plain, characterless and boring? Instead, relax in an antique chair which has been hand painted with your favourite birds or wake up to a vintage wardrobe wrapped in a much-loved landscape that nobody else has.

There are other benefits in opting for upcycled furniture. You not only prevent furniture from being unnecessarily destroyed, you also reduce your carbon footprint. So, you can feel as great as your home looks when purchasing these items.

A final benefit but by no means the least important is the character that upcycled furniture adds to your home. Upcycled furniture usually still has that distressed aesthetic which will get your dinner party asking about its history or backstory.

Ready to start your search?

If our brief introduction to upcycled furniture and its benefits has your design cogs turning, then how about discovering and learning more? Our website has a fantastic stock of upcycled furniture which is always been added to with exceptional and unique pieces of mastery. You may find something you’ll fall in love with or you may just get inspiration from current furniture to take to the drawing board or a local craftsman.

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