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Persian Rugs

Vintage Persian Rugs

Very few types of decor have the prestige and power of vintage Persian rugs. These handmade pieces are loved for their stunning patterns, impressive craftsmanship, and exceptional durability. Our wide collection of beautiful vintage Persian rugs add timeless sophistication to any space in the home. We offer Persian rugs in many styles and sizes. So you’ll have no problem finding the perfect piece for you.

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Styling vintage Persian rugs

Adding a vintage Persian rug to your interior space can dramatically change the look of the room. If you intend to use heavily patterned wallpaper or upholstery, keep your Persian rug subdued and subtle. If you plan on choosing a busily patterned rug, keep the décor of your furniture and walls minimal and neutral. These contrasts will keep your room from feeling too fussy or hectic. If you plan to set heavy furniture on your Persian rug, like a sofa or armchair, try to use furniture coasters. Glass coasters disperse the weight of the furniture more evenly, preventing the weight from crushing your rug.

How are Persian rugs made?

Like all Oriental rugs, every Persian rug is meticulously hand-knotted by expert artisans over many months and is made by boiling, spinning and dyeing sheep's wool. Each rug is a unique reflection of the weaver and a completely distinct piece of art. Unlike other Oriental rugs, Persian rugs are exclusively crafted in Iran. In ancient times, the unrivalled quality of Persian rugs made them highly popular with traders on the Silk Road. According to age-old beliefs and traditions, geometric shapes and symbolic designs protect the Persian rug’s owner from malevolence and misfortune. Persian rug designs, including geometric animals, people, and objects, are a timeless example of art imitating life and life imitating art. Today, the complex and beautiful designs of Persian rugs continue to inspire artists, designers, and home decor all over the world. Many of the same weaving techniques and methods that made antique Persian rugs famous are still used to produce exquisite wool and silk rugs with vibrant hues and elaborate designs. Whether you’re seeking a traditional rug to complement a formal vintage dining table and chair set, or you’d love to introduce some global flair to a contemporary living space, you can’t go wrong with a piece from our vintage Persian rugs collection.

How to identify antique Persian rugs

The easiest way to tell if a Persian rug is genuine is to examine it closely. A genuine antique Persian rug will have no sewn-on fringe at all. The fringes should be part of the carpet and are simply the ends of the yarns on the rug. If you turn the rug over and you see any stitching, it'll be a modern reproduction.

Are Persian rugs a good investment?

A Persian rug that is a genuine antique will not decrease in value. As they become more scarce and increase in age, they become more sought after. A Persian rug that's been passed down in a family to become an heirloom also has great provenance, meaning people can validate its age, condition, and value.

So how much is a Persian rug? This depends on the pattern, quality, age and rarity of the rug. Here at Vinterior, there are thousands of beautiful woven masterpieces to explore.

Vintage Persian rugs UK

We carry a vast selection of vintage Persian rugs in almost every size and style at Vinterior. Our pieces are carefully hand-picked from antique shops and small boutiques across the UK, and beyond, so you can feel confident that high quality is assured. Choosing the perfect vintage Persian rug for you is easy. Use our easy search system and adjust the filters to find exactly what you need. You can streamline your search according to style, colour, size, and many other filters to find a Persian rug you’ll fall in love with.

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