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  • Why choose vintage rugs?

    Make a feature of your floor, with the perfect vintage rug.

    Vintage rugs can set a room off perfectly and give you comfort under foot. Half soft furnishing, half art, these beautiful pieces come in a myriad of colours, patterns, sizes, shapes and styles. So you can find something for every room.

    The beauty of vintage style rugs lies in their uniqueness and rich heritage. Intricate patterns capture the eye while history and tradition capture the imagination. Vintage rugs have often travelled the globe over centuries before reaching their current destination. How magical!

    Whether you have floorboards, laminate or even carpet, a vintage style rug is a quick, easy and effortless way of adding texture and colour to a room, whether it’s traditional or modern.

    A rug is also a great way of transforming the look of your floor without replacing the whole thing. For hiding imperfections in your flooring or even for introducing a new colour into a space. Their uses are endless.

  • Vintage rugs UK, from all over the world

    Vintage rugs UK come from all over the world. And chances are yours will have travelled a great distance before reaching your home. These beautiful floor furnishings are woven in countries with a fine tradition of rug making. In our collection, you’ll find classic Persian rugs, as well as rugs from Turkey, Morocco, China, Nepal and Europe.

    Persian rugs are perhaps the most famous. The beautifully intricate patterns on these rugs are works of art. They’ve been expertly woven in Iran for centuries using the same rug-making techniques and methods. These rugs are so beautiful, they’re often hung on the wall as a beautiful tapestry.

    Chinese rugs are also world-renowned for their beauty and quality. These rugs are often adorned with floral patterns and birds, in rich colours like blue, gold and red, and can be rectangular or round.

    With their fine attention to detail and patterns, vintage rugs may look delicate, but they are incredibly durable and hardwearing; they wouldn’t have lasted this long otherwise.

  • Where to put vintage rugs?

    Vintage rugs can be used almost anywhere in the home and are always a welcoming sight. They add warmth and comfort to any space, and in rooms with big and heavy furniture, they can be used to protect the floor whilst enhancing its look.

    Long, narrow rugs look fabulous in hallways and create a grand entrance. In the living room, vintage style rugs are always at home in front of the fireplace or as a centrepiece with sofas around it.

    It’s always nice to feel something soft underfoot when getting out of bed, so placing a rug underneath or at the foot of the bed is a popular choice.

    And remember, in any room a vintage rug can be hung on the wall as a stunning wall hanging and piece of art.