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Art Deco Furniture

Sure, conventional, modern furniture does the job, but does it capture your guest’s attention in the way bold and stylish art deco furniture does? Bursting onto the design scene in France, just before World War One, art deco is one of the most recognisable design styles of the 20th Century. Influenced by the excentric geometric forms of cubism and bright, bold colours of Fauvism—two popular art movements of the time—art deco has its own distinct, provocative style, still easily recognisable today. It was one of the first great internationally influential design styles and is still loved by many, symbolic of the roaring 1920s. Art deco furnishings are characterised by their use of vivid block colours, exotic woods, glitzy mirrors, slick metal finishes and luxurious leathers.

So, why settle for practical furniture pieces when you could have style, comfort and wow factor all at the same time in bold, distinctive art deco furniture? Browse our extensive range of deco furniture UK, plus some of our favourites from the best of the best European designers too. Replace that conventional home decor with something a little bolder, brighter and effortlessly decadent, with a positively pre-loved art deco piece.

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  • Which art deco furniture should I buy?

    Got a specific budget in mind? Need a certain material to finish your room’s overall look and feel? Or maybe you want a particular piece of furniture? Our community of deco furniture UK-based boutiques and small businesses are here to help.

    We’ve got budget-friendly art deco furniture pieces to suit all. You can start decorating your home with lavish chairs, shelves and home decor accessories for less than £100. Our experts also source some of the finest and rarest collectables from the art deco era.

    Perhaps a UK art deco furniture piece would suit your interiors. Check some of the best British designs with our hand-picked selection of art deco furniture UK. Or maybe one of our European designers will float your boat? We’ve got some of the era's most evocative European designs too.

    At Vinterior, we focus on delivering high-quality furniture to our customers. This means our sellers only use and source furniture made from the finest materials. You’ll find vintage leathers, wool, cotton and other fabrics in our art deco furniture collection. Browse through solid woods full of natural beauty, such as walnut, oak, mahogany, rosewood and teak. You can also expect to find art deco pieces made from glass, iron, chrome, marble, silver and steel.

    Looking to deck out your dining room with art deco? We’ve got art deco dining tables, dining chairs, armchairs, bar cabinets and tables, sideboards and console tales.

    Sit some opulent art deco furniture in your living room and show off your style. We’ve got a range of art deco sofas, coffee tables, cabinets, bookcases, rugs and home décor to choose from.

  • What is the difference between art deco and art nouveau?

    The difference between art deco and art nouveau lies in the shapes and influences. Art nouveau relies heavily on organic and natural forms, accentuating curves and long flowing shapes. Art deco, on the other hand, focuses on angles, geometry, and the shar

    Art deco bedroom furniture

    You can even sprinkle a little art deco luxury in your bedroom, with our beds, wardrobes, chests of drawers, dressing tables, cupboards and desks.

    The sky, or the ceiling, is the limit. Fill your bedroom full of your favourite art deco era designs, colours or patterns. And remember to include art deco lighting and art or sculptures from the 1920s.

  • Art deco furniture UK

    We’re proud to be the UK’s leading online marketplace for vintage furniture. And there's more than just art deco styles in our vault. If you're interested in mixing up your interior aesthetic, take a look at our furniture styles blog. And we’re proud to say that all of our furniture is full to the brim with character. We have a community of thousands of expert boutiques and small business sellers who are based in the UK, Europe and the US. So, when you shop our art deco furniture collection, you’re doing much more than just buying a stunning coffee table or gorgeous wardrobe.

    1. You’re giving back to local, small businesses.
    2. <
    3. You’re reusing and recycling furniture.
    4. You’re giving a home to preloved furniture instead of letting it lie on landfill.
    5. You’re keeping your CO2 down by buying furniture pieces that don’t need to travel far and wide.
    6. And of course, you’re choosing stylish, bold designs that rocked the 1920s, 30s, 40s and 50s.
    7. Cheers to that! Speaking of cheers, why not get yourself a sophisticated art deco cocktail cabinet?

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