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The furniture industry is broken

This is why we're the sustainable furniture solution

We've all heard about fast fashion, but what about fast furniture? Over 22 million* pieces end up in landfill every year and we believe this has to stop. We're on a mission to change the future of furniture by making it easier than ever to buy and sell pre-owned and reclaimed furniture, and our homes have never looked better for it. Unlike other furniture brands we don't make anything new, everything here is pre-loved.

*Data taken from North London Waste Authority

Our community has saved over 1,000,000 pieces of furniture from landfill, and counting...

How do we work sustainably?

Carbon offsetting

We work with Ecologi to offset the carbon footprint on the delivery of every piece sold through Vinterior. Choosing pre-owned will always be the more sustainable option over buying new as nothing is being manufactured and no new materials are being exploited, but we've gone one step further to help our planet. From mangrove trees protecting communities against coastal flooding in Madagascar to fruit trees providing food and income in Uganda. The trees funded will bring benefits to local communities and the environment.

Circular activations

We created a totally reusable structure which was designed to be dismantled for our recent 'Think Circular' installation at Decorex. No nails or glue were used so all materials could be reused and found a new home as a taproom in Liverpool St. Working with EASTJR we created an impactful design without any unnecessary waste.

Planet talk

In the world of eco-friendly furniture, we drive conversation. Through our advertising campaigns, the people we work with and the content we share, we not only walk the walk, but talk the talk, too. We're all about empowering you to make a conscious choice in your consumption.

We're going round in circles... a good way

Sell your furniture with ease when it's time for a change. Our fully circular model means you won't get stuck with furniture you no longer want. Simply list it, sell it, send it, get paid and make room for your next pre-owned find

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Furniture for a more sustainable future

Table talk

Vintage dining can save you 25kg of C02, that's the equivalent of flying from London to Dublin

Are you sitting sustainably?

Pick a pre-owned sofa and save 90 kg of C02, that's the equivalent of charging your smartphone 10,406 times

Cupboard love

With a pre-owned cupboard you'll save 43 kg of C02, that's the equivalent of driving from London to Manchester

*This data was pulled from FIRA International LTD.