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Mid Century Modern Wall Art

Enliven your living spaces with some eye catching mid century modern wall art. Choose from chic black and white prints, eye catching paintings, iconic photos, tapestries and so much more. Each of our mid century modern wall art pieces can stand out alone, or be added to an eclectic gallery wall.
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  • What is mid century modern wall art?

    The mid century design era spans from roughly from 1945 – 1965, though some experts trace its influence into the 1970s. Over twenty years, the style encompassed a broad range of design influences, including high style, kitch, pop art and abstract. Some of the most popular pieces of mid century modern wall art were greatly informed by the principles of the modernist movement, especially artists like Henri Matisse and Wassily Kandinsky. When it comes to assessing pieces from the timeframe, it’s often easier to say what doesn’t fall under the mid century modern banner than what does.
  • Mid century modern wall art for sale

    Mid century modern wall art for sale includes hugely diverse artists, from the well known pop art of Andy Warhol to the abstract expressionist painting of Jackson Pollock. Many of the designs in our collection take influences from these, as well as adding their own flair to the piece.

    Styling mid century wall art

    Mid century wall art fits comfortably in homes with maximalist designs, plenty of loud colours and heavy furniture. It can also work well in more minimalist rooms, with beautiful black and white prints providing delicate intrigue to the space over a Scandinavian modern sideboard or a modernist bedside table. Combine your mid century wall art with other prints, paintings or sculptures to turn a blank space into a gallery wall. Or keep it simple and pair your art with other mid century modern furniture for a full, cohesive look.