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Art Deco Desks

When browsing our selection of art deco desks, you can expect to fall in love with ornate pieces that bring style and opulence to your home. The intricate woodwork and fine finishing of an art deco desk, table or bureau adds character to any space and beautifully complements many different styles.
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Art deco interior design

Art deco, short for Arts Décoratifs, first emerged as a style of design, architecture and visual arts in 1920s Paris and Brussels. It takes its name from the 1925 Exposition internationale des Arts décoratifs et industriels modernes Paris World Fair. The movement grew out of the art nouveau style, which became popular at the end of the 19th century and was heavily influenced by the Vienna Secession, Fauvism and Cubism. In interior design and furniture, art deco is detailed and glamorous, reflecting the decadence of the period. Our art deco desks are characterised by their symmetry, bright colours, bold geometry and abstract patterns. The style favours polished materials or those with a high shine, including mirrors, lacquer, chrome, polished wood, brass, metal and stained glass.

Art deco desks

Our collection of art deco desks spans a variety of different materials and functions, with price points to suit every budget. Desks sourced from our community of boutique sellers are mostly made of wood such as walnut, mahogany, oak, teak and rosewood, with several pieces featuring brass, leather, steel and iron finishings. Our art deco desks are the perfect combination of durability, character and ornate, distinctive design.

Incorporating an art deco desk, table or bureau

The striking geometric design of art deco desks and art deco dining tables makes them a statement piece without dominating a space. Your art deco desk can either be the star of the show among simpler pieces, or it can be heightened using extravagant accompanying pieces. Art deco desks are typically made from polished wood or wood treated with lacquer for a high shine, sometimes incorporating metal detailing and gold finishing. Try accenting your desk with a colourful, sunburst mirror or chrome lamp to create a roaring 20s Parisian feel. If subtlety isn’t your thing, why not place an eye-catching art deco poster above your desk?

Art deco desks for sale UK

We work with over 1,800 sellers, boutiques and small businesses in the UK and worldwide to present our selection of art deco desks and unique furniture. You can now find the perfect item to suit your style without having to wait for it to appear in your local boutique. Simply use our advanced search to filter to find your desired location, price, size, material, colour, style and more for some incredible finds.