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Gothic furniture is one of our more popular styles at Vinterior, due to its versatility and classic look. If you are interested in the ornate and impressive architecture of European churches and castles of the middle ages, then perhaps this style is for you. There is an unavoidable charm to Gothic furniture, with its intricate details and exquisite embellishments. Although you may not be able to overhaul the structure of your home itself, you can certainly bring a little bit of a Gothic vibe into your home by carefully choosing your chairs, cabinets, tables, fireplaces, mirrors and, of course, your décor. Browse our collection of gothic furniture today.

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  • Why choose Gothic furniture?

    Gothic furniture works well in both contemporary and traditionally styled homes, and if you're a fan of upcycling, Gothic furniture is a joy to paint and decoupage to give a whole new look.The furniture here ranges from typical furniture to the more niche items. Some examples of what you might find when it comes to antique Gothic furniture include gorgeous sideboards and large Victorian bookcases with ornate glass windows. The glazing on these pieces is astonishing and adds a real statement to any home.If you would love to do something a little different and more ambitious with your home office, how about investing in an antique Gothic desk. Often made from heavy oak and adding a real presence to a room, a gothic desk works well in larger studies if you want to do more than simply add a flat-pack, stick-together piece of furniture. Some Gothic desks even have pigeon-hole shelving – often revealing the desk’s previous life in a commercial setting, such as a concierge’s desk. The Victorians were particularly keen on Gothic style and so you will find many pieces from this era that feature the kind of bold, architectural style that you crave.

  • Incorporating Gothic furniture in the home

    There are also chairs, ranging from an oak throne to church style solid oak pews and open wooden armchairs featured here at Vinterior. These would add something special to a space in your home, such as a living room or a large hallway. If you want to have a piece of furniture that has its roots in British or European ancestry, then Gothic furniture is the perfect place to start. These pieces are often covered in detailed and elaborate patterns and tell a story of their own.The Gothic style also makes its way into more modern items such as modern or rustic mirrors which have gothic designs on them. These vintage items, often from the mid-20rh century are great for complementing a slightly older house. A number of niche Gothic items often make their way into the Vinterior collection, such as church lecterns, banisters and stands. Keep a look out for these if you are looking to create a contrast with more modern surroundings or want to complement an older, Gothic-style building.The Gothic style is surprisingly versatile and is particularly iconic in architecture and furniture. When it comes to desks and cabinets these are sound choices for your home. They are reliable and sturdy with charming and appealing designs.Alternatively, there is certainly room to experiment with this style. You can use Gothic furniture to help draw attention to the more period features of your home, or to contrast with modern furniture. Gothic furniture will offer something of interest to you and quickly become your favourite accessory.

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    If you are looking for Gothic furniture for your home then you have come to the right place. As the leading online marketplace for antique, vintage and characterful furniture in the UK, there’s nowhere better to source the Gothic piece you desire.