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Console tables

A console table in your entrance hall immediately puts your home’s best foot forward, because console tables can be a chic as well as functional addition to any space. These simple yet stylish tables possess an unrivalled sense of luxury to them, and this may be down to the fact that they originated in the French and Italian palaces of the 17th century. During this time, tables would be fixed to the walls with S brackets called consoles.

At the time, console tables were designed to be large, theatrical and over the top in terms of design. Through the course of the 20th century, the design of console tables has evolved so that vintage console tables can refer to a whole host of different looks. Enjoy exploring the Vinterior collection today and discover a range of beautiful antique and vintage console tables for yourself.

Why choose vintage console tables?

There are endless reasons to consider introducing a console table into your home. For one thing, they are a practical investment, offering somewhere to place all the ‘in and out’ necessities like keys, wallets, handbags and post. They can also be used to create an attractive display area in your hallway by framing your table with lights on either side and an eye-catching piece of statement wall art hung above it.

To put it simply, console tables allow you to make a statement with your interior design while still being practical.

What to look for in a pre-loved console table

There are endless designs to choose from when it comes to vintage and antique console tables. If you travel back far enough, you’ll discover the more ornate designs of the late 19th and early 20th century, featuring intricate carvings and gilded details that really make the console table as a whole stand out as a true centrepiece.

Of course, there are also more contemporary alternatives, from the geometric designs of the roaring 20s’ Art Deco movement to the clean lines and simplistic silhouettes of the mid-century modern movement, which brought form and function together in perfect harmony. This means that there is a vintage console table for every household, no matter your style.

Incorporating vintage console tables into your home

Console tables may work wonderfully in the hallway, but this isn’t the only place for them. They can also work beautifully as a dressing table in the master bedroom. Why not consider a more ornate model complete with a decorative mirror? Or they are also well suited to the living room, where they can be used to play host to all your favourite knick-knacks and family photographs. A chic mid-century design works well here, placed against a feature wall or below a piece of statement artwork.

Even the dining room can benefit from a console table, especially if you don’t have room for a full-sized sideboard. Why not invest in a decadent art deco console table and use it to display a decanter, drinks selection and range of glasses?

We love new and upcycled console tables, too

There are two things we all look for in furniture – be it a console table or a sofa – and these are quality and character. This is what we specialise in at Vinterior. In fact, we only list the most premium furniture with its own distinct character, history, personality or story to tell. This means that when you shop at Vinterior you can rest assured that every single item you consider for your home is completely unique.

We are the number one online marketplace for vintage, antique, retro, contemporary, bespoke and upcycled furniture. In other words, we provide the very best furniture all in one place. So if you’re looking for the perfect vintage console table for your home, explore the Vinterior collection today.