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Vintage Floor Mirrors

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Floor Mirrors for your home

Perfect for giving yourself a boost of self-confidence on the way out after getting dressed in the morning, floor mirrors give you a greater range of function than typical wall mirrors. Even though the name would suggest that these mirrors be used standing on the floor, they’re not limited to being floor bound. Experiment with the location and placement of floor mirrors for your home. Try affixing them to the wall for a space optimising option, which can work just as well as having it propped against a wall.

How to find vintage floor mirrors?

While it is possible to find vintage floor mirrors in a variety of places second hand, the easiest option is to browse Vinterior’s large range of vintage and antique floor mirrors. Our inventory of floor mirrors from various dealers around the world covers a range of styles and sizes that are bound to suit a multitude of different interiors.
Not only do vintage floor mirrors offer a wide range of practical and functional decor solutions, but the long history of its appearance in interiors has also made it an object of varying experimentation by designers and furniture makers. Often underestimated as a household essential, floor mirrors can help create the illusion of a larger interior space and add copious amounts of character depending on the style of mirror you choose.

What style of floor mirror should I go for?

With an abundance of floor mirrors for sale at Vinterior, you’re spoilt for choice of vintage and antique pieces. Opt for elaborate gilded mirrors of antique french origin, or for a sleeker more refined aesthetic, venture in the vein of Danish teak, or mid-century modern minimalism.

How to decide which floor mirror is for you?

Just like any piece of furniture, you should take your interior decor style into consideration. Vintage floor mirrors can come in endless designs and shapes, and when deciding which floor mirror is best for your home you should think about space and the floor mirror’s function. You might want it in a bedroom, or a hallway and these might influence your decision.
Marvel in the beauty of vintage and antique floor mirrors whilst you marvel at your own beauty!