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Even in a digital age where our homes are saturated with technology, clocks remain a staple. What do we love so much about clock design? They certainly have a timeless quality (pun intended) that has done much to uphold their presence in our homes over the centuries. What do we know about clocks and what can be found in the Vinterior collection?

Vintage clocks for sale at Vinterior

Clocks for sale at Vinterior really do come in all shapes, colours and sizes. There are some spectacular pieces - gigantic industrial clock faces from stations and factories to ornate antique models. We have colourful Swedish Mora grandfather clocks and angular mid-century mantel clocks. Discover the perfect clock for your home today.

Choosing the right vintage clock for your home

Choosing the best clock for your home should be a fun task. Consider whether you want the clock statement to be bold or discreet. Do you prefer a traditional or more modern look? How much space do you have - is there a corner that needs to be filled with something interesting? Whether a free spot on the mantelpiece, bedside table or kitchen wall, there is a unique clock that will fit right in. Clocks are heirloom accessories that become a literal part of the furniture. Choose one that will you enjoy looking at (and using!) for many years to come.

The history of the clock

Methods of time-keeping have evolved over the milennia - from sand timers to water clocks and, as the ancient Egyptians did, following the movement of the sun on obelisks. So from where does the clock derive? In the modern age, a wide spectrum of devices are represented by the term ‘clock’: grandfather clocks, wristwatches, table clocks, clock towers etc. Interestingly, the work clock is connected to the medieval use of bells, which were used to mark the passage of time. The English word clock comes from the Middle English clokke, Old French is cloque and Middle Dutch is clocke - all meaning ‘bell’. Mechanical clocks were introduced in the 14th century when they were used by monasteries to follow a prayer schedule. The very first pendulum clock was built in the 17th century and have remained steadfast in our homes and public spaces eversince.

How to find vintage clocks

Finding good quality clocks can be difficult if you’re not an expert yourself. That’s where Vinterior comes in — we feature over one thousand trusted sellers of antique, vintage, reclaimed and bespoke furniture.
So, what are you waiting for? Get browsing our listings today and find the perfect clock for your home.